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DIY Farmhouse Inspired Open Shelves and Mug Holder!


Rustic, irons, metals…it all appeals to my design sense. Being able to replicate the beautiful designs advertised on HGTV and social media in my vintage city home, on a budget, has become apart of my everyday daydreaming. Yes, I daydream about decorating my home. We all have our thing, right? LOL

This weekend I was able to construct a chic, farmhouse style inspired wall consisting of open shelves and mug holders created with a 2X4, wood stain, and shelf brackets.

What You Will Need:
1 – 2X4 cut into 4 equal pieces
1 – can of Rust-Oleum (Dark Walnut)
4 – shelf brackets (hardware included)
1 – package of cup hooks
1 – old oil free rag
1 – stud finder
1 – drill
4 – 10D size molding and trim nails
1 – hammer

Step 1
Stain each piece of wood. Using an old rag work stain into wood in a circular motion. Allow to dry. Remove any excess stain. I personally only applied one coat in order to allow the color of the wood to show through a little to provide the vintage aged look.

Step 2
Once wood has dried and the color you like screw in cup hooks. I measured my board and inserted hooks every 6 inches from the top. This gives a more uniform and professional look to your mug holders once mugs are hung.

Step 3
Decide where you would like each board (shelves and mug holders) to be placed on the wall. Using a stud finder locate the middle of each stud in the location where your shelves and holder will be hung. (Steps to attach brackets to shelves will depend on the brackets you chose.) Using the drill attach brackets to wood and lastly attach the shelves to the wall. Test shelving to be sure they are firmly attached to wall.

Step 4
Hammer one nail halfway through the mug holder under the 1st hook and above the last hook. Hold wood flush against the wall and hammer the nail the rest of the way through. Be sure nail is going into a stud.

Step 5
Decorate and enjoy! I chose to plant herbs I frequently use in cute little pots I picked up from dollar tree. These pots added a little more of the farmhouse look to the space as well. But have fun with it! Make it your own!

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IMG_0198[1] Asia Spratley is a 34 year working mother of 2. I have many interests. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagam are my go to apps for inspiration for meals, home decor and DIY projects. Leave a comment or like if you feel it! If not, thank you for reading! Sending you light and love on your journey through this thing called like! 

XO Asia Spratley

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