Meet Me and My Family

Welcome to Mommy Usage, a little cyber space dedicated to all things I’m willing to tackle! Grab a cuppa joe, mug of tea, glass of wine, or something a bit stronger and peruse the site.

Have you ever had a friend who was all over the place wanting to try everything and pretty successful at most attempts? If not, you’re in luck! If so, hey, you just found another. Research says “pick a topic you are most interested in and blog about it”. What happens when you are interested in all kinds of topics? You blog about them all and pray for the best! 🙂 With all that said decorating my vintage home, cooking real clean meals, growing my own food, creating diy stylish clothing, and sharing mom moments peak my interests. So that’s what this blog is all about.

So come one in and enjoy the cesspool of topics that appeal to Mommy Usage!



IMG_0198[1]I am Asia Spratley, a single working mother to two children, ages 14 and 7 (soon to be 15 and 8). I have many interests. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagam are my go to apps for inspiration for meals, home decor and DIY projects. On top of these apps I really enjoy watching Fixer Upper on HGTV. My children quite often have to tell  me to sit down and just relax. LOL. It’s not in my blood. The need to always accomplish something (most times around my vintage home) take over and I’m full speed ahead. I’m sure my constant watching of Fixer Upper can be the cause of some of that. A couple of years ago I had to have a major surgery and wasn’t healing as quickly as I would have liked (I don’t like sitting around) which peaked my interest in eating real, clean food. From that experience I began to use Pinterest for recipes and maintaining a garden each summer. As you read I am a single mother which for me means there has to be some frugality to your life, thus my interest in all things DIY. Why pay more if you can do it yourself?! I hope you enjoy this blog! 🙂

IMG_0048[1]Meet “M” he is my laid back 14 year old high school freshman. As with almost all teenage boys he is into video games. Currently, the game system of choice is the Xbox One and Fort Night (I think that’s what it’s called, ask your kid lol). Recently, he has become interested in robotics. This made me smile. Although I didn’t make too much fuss about it because then he wouldn’t be interested anymore. If mom likes it, it can’t be cool LOL. Hopefully, it holds his interest. This kid has the most calming mannerism. It’s refreshing because his mama is an anxiety filled lady who sometimes needs to be told to “just calm down”. He’s my calm.

IMG_0021[1]Meet “A” she is my free spirited 7 year old 2nd grader. If you are looking for a spontaneous fun time, she’s your girl! A is a good vibes type of person. She is a YouTuber (click the link to visit her). Some days A reads all day long, other days you can’t get her to read a book but when she gets on here reading kick she’s on it. Recently, she began reading chapter books. She loves the Boxcar Children. I’m just excited that she loves reading. Outside of reading she enjoys xbox, Disney channel, crafts, cooking, and more. She’s kinda like her mother! LOL. A has never met a stranger. She’s my freedom.

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