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My Vintage Home Tour

My vintage home was built in 1957 with a total square footage of  996. I purchased my home at the age of 23 with one child. As a single mother in her twenties the excitment and pride I felt was indescribable. The home was purchased from my grandmother who obtained it in 1982. I wasn’t even born! There are many memories of childhood in this home. My grandmother loved to entertain. I remember family cookouts, visits after church on Sundays, and family gathering in this home. Which gave me a even sweeter reason to buy it. On top of all of those reasons my grandmother took care of her things so I knew even though it was built many decades ago it had good, cared for bones.

Initially, when I moved in I didn’t want to change much (except the red carpet, the red carpet had to go LOL) because, hey, it was my grandmother’s home that I now lived in. There was a feeling of needing to preserve her style, even though it was not my style.

Fast forward to the present…there’s been so many changes and more to come! The original hardwoods have been uncovered (not refinished yet), most of the paneling has been painted (I really wanted to rip it all off), the kitchen has been completely redone (my washer flooded it around this time last year) and the outside received a facelift (additional makeup will be added this year). With that being said welcome to my vintage home! Come on in…

IMG_7099[1]Let’s start with my room. In the last two weeks I have transformed my space. A couple of weeks ago this space looked like my family and I had just moved in or were squatters waiting for someone to come tell us it was time for us to leave. Hahahaha! The need for a cozy relaxing space was high. My absolute favorite part of this room is the cozy chair nestled in the corner. What I love even more is after a long Friday at work A and I headed out on a quest to find a chair. We visited At Home (can stay in that store for hours, A hates that), Home Goods, and our last stop Target. My doubt of finding a chair within my price range was at it’s height and I was getting discouraged. I happened to look down an aisle in Target as I was sulking about not being able to find a chair and spotted the yellow clearance sticker. As I got closer I realized the chair was only $45. With crazy super hero strength (kidding-the chair wasn’t heavy) I picked it up and walked to the self checkout, rang it up, and to my surprise it was only $19 and change! So yes, above the comfyness of the space the actual reason is because it was affordable. The runner up is the picture that says “She believed she could so she did”.

IMG_7542[1]Let’s move along to A’s room. Another room that just three weeks ago looked like I didn’t raise my kids to take care of their things. LOL. A’s room was painted before she was born, 7 years ago, and hadn’t been painted since. She had drew all over the walls with several different color crayons, stuck stickers on the polka dots, peeled the paint off her bed, and broke every drawer except for one on her dresser. Read my Meet Me and My Family page, it’ll all makes sense. Hehehehe! Until she is older and less frigidity I don’t believe I will paint her bed. I’m calling it the distressed look for now.  In order to provide more space we are using the closets to their full potential in order to eliminate the need for dressers. The bookcases with canvas storage also appealed to me as a way to add storage without eating away at her space. Aside from the cosmetic need to redo our rooms thereIMG_7543[1] was a need to save space. A expressed that she would like confetti dots painted on her wall. By the time she asked the painting process had started (over the pink and green polka dot walls) and I had vowed to never again paint a color (other than white) on any wall of our home. So the mission began to find something like confetti that was’t paint or expensive applique stickers. The confetti hanging from her wall is actually wedding decorations that costs $2.00 a pack at WalMart. This is my favorite part of her space. Chic and inexpensive.

IMG_7336[1]Come on down the hall with me to M’s room. Now M isn’t big on change. He literally said he did not want his room redone. Mom absolutely did not listen to him. Every other weekend he is away from home so his room was done in his absence. In order to get his opinion on his wall decor I texted pictures to him. Prior to this redo the boarder on his walls was painted blue with multi color stars hot glued to it (hot glued…twenties self what made you think that was a good idea?). A family memberIMG_7335[1] was selling a trundle bed so I jumped on that deal in order to remove the two dressers, with broken drawers, from his room. I still don’t understand how they were able to break every drawer, it shall remain a mystery I suppose. Again, I used the bookcases with canvas storage to free up space. M is actually enjoying his new space. Currently, the search continues for affordable chunky shelving for the walls by his bed. Next week our Restore is having a warehouse IMG_7353[1]sale. Hopefully, I can find some good stuff there. In all of the rooms I was very conscious of the price of items. However, when I saw this $50 mural I just knew it would fit perfectly in M’s room so I went for it! It’s my favorite part of his room.

IMG_7531[1]This time last year my family was living in a hotel because our ghost washing machine turned itself on overnight and flooded the kitchen, living room, hallway, and one bedroom. Are you kidding me? Nope I’m not. It couldn’t have happened at a worst time. Just a week before there had been two bad storms that involved hail that damaged a lot of properties in our area. My flooded kitchen wasn’t on any contractor’s radar. After almost two months of living in a hotel waiting for a contractor, a friend and I took the project on ourselves. With the kitchen gutted down to the sub floor we rebuilt it to my liking. Above the kitchen table I envision a large iron clock (which I’m still on the hunt for). On the one gray wall I’d like some herb planters. While the circumstances causing the need for this redo were not ideal it did provideIMG_7544[1] funds and a push to tackle a large project that I would have otherwise never dreamed of doing DIY with a friend. This project took several weeks and a lot of work. Consequently, in the end I was able to get rid of the 1957 sink, sand off the many layers of paint on the cabinets, repaint the cabinets to match my style, add a subway tile backsplash, and update the flooring. The kitchen at this point is my favorite room in the house.

Now that you have visited the newly designed areas of the house let’s move on to the areas of my home that need a little TLC. As these areas are redesigned (or gutted in the case of the bathroom lol) I will share the progress on the blog. With the exception of the bathroom I plan to do it all DIY!

Thank you for stopping in to tour our, still in progress, humble home. If you enjoyed this tour of My Vintage Home please don’t forget to follow Mommy Usage! Also, if you have any ideas please feel free to share them with me. I’m always open to ideas.

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IMG_0198[1] Asia Spratley is a 34 year working mother of 2. I have many interests. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagam are my go to apps for inspiration for meals, home decor and DIY projects. Leave a comment or like if you feel it! If not, thank you for reading! Sending you light and love on your journey through this thing called like! 

XO Asia Spratley

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