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D.I.Y Farmhouse Wall Decor (Tutorial)

Chip and Joanna Gains, stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have made me look at how old and discarded items can give your home a chic yet inviting look. I literally watch their shows multiple times and never grow bored by the repeat episodes. Each time I watch an episode I see something I hadn’t seen the first time around.

I almost always find myself on an internet search for cute farmhouse home decor every time a show airs. Retailers at this point are cashing in on the “farmhouse” craze and I am not one to pay too much for style (this goes for clothes too. I shop Goodwill and I’m proud of it lol). This weekend after watching numerous episodes I decided to try my hand at making milk bottle flower holders for a very bare wall in my kitchen.

See how I made these cute farmhouse style inspired flower holders for less than $8!

What You Will Need:
2 – Milk Bottles
2 – 3/8 inch Plumbing Clamps
Artificial Flowers
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Reclaimed Wood

You can find milk bottles and artificial flowers at Dollar Tree for $1 each. I purchased 2 plumbing clamps from Lowe’s for a little over $2. I chose old privacy fence panels as my unclaimed wood but any kind of “aged” wood will work. Be sure to check the wood for pest and creatures before using. Additionally, you could give a new piece of wood the “weathered” look with stain and paint.

1.)  Cut or break wood to the size of your liking. I chose to break my fencing panel to get it a rustic look. If you want clean lines use a circular saw or other tool to make clean cut. The type of tool you will need will depend on the thickness of your wood choice.

2.)  Fit the plumbing clamp round the milk bottle. Clamps come in all different sizes. You may chose to place the clamp around the neck of the bottle instead of the bottom. It’s totally up to you! It’s DIY!

3.) Remove the bottle from the clamp. Using the hot glue gun, attach the clamp to the wood. Allow the glue to cool. Be sure to glue the clamp securely to the board.


4.) Once the glue has dried slide bottle into clamp and tighten.


Believe it or not when I finally found everything I need this project (both holders) only took about 15 minutes to create. You can use command strips to hang these to preserve your paint job. Well as long as you use a lightweight wood.


I’m very excited to have this addition to my cozy comfy kitchen decor!


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IMG_0198[1] Asia Spratley is a 34 year working mother of 2. I have many interests. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagam are my go to apps for inspiration for meals, home decor and DIY projects. Leave a comment or like if you feel it! If not, thank you for reading! Sending you light and love on your journey through this thing called like! 

XO Asia Spratley

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