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Sunday Dinner #8 (Football Food)

With NFL football pre-season in full swing and regular games bringing up the rear it’s time for finger foods, screaming, cheering, trash talking and Sunday nights filled with football family fun! #steelersnation here! How about you? Today after searching Pinterest, a recipe jumped off my iPhone screen! Chicken Fire Poppers! As in past Pinterest Missions this… Continue reading Sunday Dinner #8 (Football Food)

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Sunday Dinner # 7 (Pinterest Mission #6)

This yummy meal was not actually prepared for a Sunday dinner. However, my opinion is, this General Tso’s chicken would be a welcomed change from our normal, heavy Sunday dinners. This recipe was found on Dinner Then Dessert. Here’s my rendition of General Tso’s Chicken…I pretty much followed her recipe step by step. However, I used chicken… Continue reading Sunday Dinner # 7 (Pinterest Mission #6)

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Sunday Dinner #6 (Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring)

With this being a long weekend I had not intentions of being in the kitchen for hours preparing a meal. Long weekends for me mean cleaning and relaxing. As I lazily laid on the couch scrolling through Pinterest I ran across what looked to be a yummy yet quick meal. I guess you could also… Continue reading Sunday Dinner #6 (Bacon Cheeseburger Crescent Ring)

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Sunday Dinner # 5 (Prepared on Saturday posted on Tuesday)

*sorry about the blurry feature photo* Initially, I was not going to post this baked spaghetti recipe. My family (mom and sister included) dug in and devoured it before I was able to get a “finished product” picture. My mom and sister have been back at least once to get more. LOL…I’d say I’m getting… Continue reading Sunday Dinner # 5 (Prepared on Saturday posted on Tuesday)

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Sunday Dinner #4 (Homemade Fried Calamari)

Tonight’s  Sunday dinner was a little different from the norm. Seafood is a favorite of mine. Shrimp, scallops, crabs, squid…pretty much anything that comes out of the sea I will eat. Except for catfish…yucky! Earlier today I visited the local Asian grocery store in our area. There are so many interesting food items in there I… Continue reading Sunday Dinner #4 (Homemade Fried Calamari)