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Italian Stuffed Top Round Beef

Coming home without a dinner plan can be stressful. Never fear Pinterest is here! Pinterest is one of my go to sites when I haven’t prepared for dinner or if I just want something new. As I’ve said before cooking dainty food is my mission. While scrolling through Pinterest this evening I happened upon a recipe… Continue reading Italian Stuffed Top Round Beef

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Sunday Dinner # 7 (Pinterest Mission #6)

This yummy meal was not actually prepared for a Sunday dinner. However, my opinion is, this General Tso’s chicken would be a welcomed change from our normal, heavy Sunday dinners. This recipe was found on Dinner Then Dessert. Here’s my rendition of General Tso’s Chicken…I pretty much followed her recipe step by step. However, I used chicken… Continue reading Sunday Dinner # 7 (Pinterest Mission #6)