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Mommy Talk (Open Letter to My Dear Sweet Daughter)

Good Evening All, I wrote this post 7 months ago (according to WordPress) however, it was never posted. Last week after having attended parent teacher conference I made the decision to have my daughter tested for ADHD. To explain every emotion that has surfaced since the appointment was scheduled is impossible. She asked me what… Continue reading Mommy Talk (Open Letter to My Dear Sweet Daughter)

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Mommy Talk (A Shout Out To Moms)

Feature photo ALL MOMS READ TO THE END Yesterday should have been Mommy Talk day here on Mommy Usage. However, I was occupied by my oldest baby. He is 13. Now I wanna be upfront and honest, before I start detailing (I promise I won’t go to far lol…remember there’s a point to the… Continue reading Mommy Talk (A Shout Out To Moms)

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Mommy Talk (Don’t Take Life Too Seriously)

After sitting in the living room doing absolutely nothing this morning for 10-15 minutes, I round up the troops and head to the car. The car moves slowly out the driveway, around the corner, turns yet another corner, and we are headed to the bus stop. Wheeeeeen I hear my daughter say “I should have… Continue reading Mommy Talk (Don’t Take Life Too Seriously)

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Back to School (Command Center)

  Organization can drastically improve how a family’s school year will progress. In the past our organization consisted of notes on the fridge, memorization (and forgetting of course lol), stacks of school papers, and notes written while driving lol. An organized mess is what I called it. Whether it actually worked or not I cannot… Continue reading Back to School (Command Center)

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Blogging as a Mom (Helpful Tips to Get Started)

At the birth of¬†Mommy Usage I was home recovering from major surgery. The task was void of complication due to my free schedule. However, after going back to work it became unquestionably evident that being a single mom blogger was not as simple as it seemed. Juggling kids, work, and home was wacky¬†enough without having… Continue reading Blogging as a Mom (Helpful Tips to Get Started)