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Life Talk (Thick Skin and Randomness)

Yesterday I was appointed “acting” revenue manager at work. Sigh…when I should have been excited about my achievement I allowed others attitude toward the TEMPORARY promotion get me down. Well not down I was more mad than down. (Jesus when am I going to get back on my yoga journey lol). Thankfully today I remembered who… Continue reading Life Talk (Thick Skin and Randomness)

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Blogging as a Mom (Helpful Tips to Get Started)

At the birth of Mommy Usage I was home recovering from major surgery. The task was void of complication due to my free schedule. However, after going back to work it became unquestionably evident that being a single mom blogger was not as simple as it seemed. Juggling kids, work, and home was wacky enough without having… Continue reading Blogging as a Mom (Helpful Tips to Get Started)

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I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found

Today with brutal honesty I am admitting that I have no interest in embarking on the storytelling journey into my freshest wounds. (perhaps next Wednesday) For that I sincerely apologize to any of my readers who may actually wait for this post on Wednesdays (crickets lol). However I came across a poem, which I will share,… Continue reading I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found