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What Happened to Sunday Dinner???

Yesterday was the best day for a couponer in my area. The deals were flowing like rain from the heavens. My “mojo” for couponing had vanished and was non existent in the past month. That’s how this became Sunday Dinner (I am so ashamed lol). Yes a processed chicken patty and processed potato tots. Please don’t unfollow me… Continue reading What Happened to Sunday Dinner???

Coupons · Frugal Living

Wanna Play a Game? How much did I pay?

My couponing hiatus is over! A week or so ago I wrote a post that included coupon talk. If you read my earlier post about coconut oil I want you to understand couponing makes me even happier! Finding a good deal is like having a winning lottery ticket. Perhaps a little bit of that exaggeration… Continue reading Wanna Play a Game? How much did I pay?