Week In Review (Weekend Coffee Share)

O my! It’s been a while! Please come in, sit down, get comfortable! My father and son made a grocery trip and grabbed my coffee. So no decaf only the hard stuff (apparently they couldn’t find the decaf coffee). With that being said I hope you aren’t picky about your jo because there aren’t option here. Of course you are welcomed to water or juice. Just let me know.

IMG_8218[1]A and I planted our garden this weekend. Spring has finally sprung! I cannot express how elated I am about this. The winter in our area seemed to leave and return like a person who’s arguing and leaves the room and keeps coming back (saw that on facebook and thought it was so funny mostly because it’s so true for our area). This year we tried to do things a little different in hopes of getting a larger harvest. Do you have a garden? Are you planning to start one? I’d love to hear about!

IMG_8146[1]I’ve recently been researching backyard chickens. We live in the city so we won’t be raising an exuberant amount (laws geesh lol). But I believe it could be a fun thing to do! I was reading Magnolia Journal last week. There was an article about having chickens so I took it as a sign that this should absolutely happen. My mom said, and I quote, “you’re strange”. In reality I’ve always been like this I like to call it “adventurous” hahahahaha. Do you have chickens? Do you live on a farm? If you answered yes to either of those questions I’m jealous :).

Speaking of Magnolia Journal…as much as I love Fixer Upper I had no idea there was such a thing. Last weekend while in Target this magazine caught my eye! Joanna Gaines was on the front! Needless to say it was purchased. I also went online and purchased all 5 prior issues. I cannot wait for them to arrive since I can’t get my Fixer Upper fix anymore. Did you know the show ended recently? Wonder what they plan to put in it’s spots? Because let’s be honest there’s only one Joanna and Chip Gains. ❤

By the way how do you like my new living room table? It’s an antique trunk which a got for a very good deal at a local antique shop. These days I’m attempting to minimize the additional “stuff” in my home. This serves as a chic piece that also has a lot of storage!


Well it’s been really nice chatting with you! How was your week? Anything new or exciting happen to you this week? Wanna talk about it? Thanks for stopping by! I’ll meet you at the venue of your choice soon!


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IMG_0198[1] Asia Spratley is a 34 year working mother of 2. I have many interests. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagam are my go to apps for inspiration for meals, home decor and DIY projects. Leave a comment or like if you feel it! If not, thank you for reading! Sending you light and love on your journey through this thing called like! 

XO Asia Spratley

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