Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I’d invite you inside to my recently cleaned home. The smell of clean is seeping out of the walls. And I love it! You’ve stopped by before and were greeted by toys, junk, and not so fresh smells…but not today! Today I’d welcome you settle anywhere you see fit because my home is cleaned, with the exception of my daughters room. She’s been cleaning since Friday and still she is not done but she’s making progress.

How do you take your coffee? If you need cream or sugar I’ll grab it for you. All I have today are blondie Keurig cups. Hopefully that works for you. If you don’t mind I need to go check in on the progress with the little one. Feel free to tell me how your week was…you can shout a little I don’t mind. I’m not being rude as I walk down the hall I just really need this cleaning project to be done. Prayerfully you won’t mind. Wouldn’t want you not to show up next week!

IMG_1805[1]If we were having coffee I’d tell you my son graduated from middle school this past week. Like, omg, where has the time gone? He will be a freshman in high school next year. I’m not sure I’m ready for his last 4 years of grade school. Whether I’m ready or not it’s here and there’s not option to turn back. I’m in full mommy mode these days. I need him to understand how important high school is. He doesn’t seem fazed by my anxiety though. LOL. Our search for a summer job has been futile. In our state the law permits him to work at 14 however there are so many stipulations that companies aren’t really interested in hiring at that age. Therefore I’ve resulted to a job funded by me (wait, what? lol). He has agreed to watch his sister for 3 weeks until summer school starts. He tried to bargain (it was more like an auction lol that he did not win lol) for more pay but I think I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse since without this job he’d be making $0 this summer! Hahahahaha! My son is very laid back and easy going. I explained he needed to wake when she wakes, feed her, and be attentive. (I know you make think this is common knowledge but my son will swear he didn’t know hahahaha) We are only one day in but he has done pretty good so far (which for two days isn’t saying much hehehehe).

IMG_1853.pngYesterday, I happened upon an awesome deal on a cruiser bike at the Salvation Army. Initially, we (my father and I) visited a small locally owned bike shop. However, the type of bike I wanted was between $150-$200 at his shop. Apparently, the look I wanted was manufactured in the early 70s and those bikes are expensive in 2017 (lol go figure). Anywho, I didn’t want a bike from the 70s just a bike with a 70s look and 2017 price. Ha! Luckily, one of the many Salvation Army’s in our area had a few. I picked the red one! After getting the bike home my father (who is really into bikes) looked he bike up and it’s possible that it actually is from the 70s. Either way I found a bike a like! When and if my daughter finishing cleaning tonight we are going to go for a late evening  bike ride together.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I did post a little this week. I’m getting better! During our conversation I’d tell you to check out Honey, Just Say No and Easy Pezzy Deviled Eggs. I’d tell you I really hope to get up a few posts this week as well, they are prepared in my mind but need to be typed in the computer hehehehehe.

Friday night my daughter and I perused the aisles of Kroger to get ingredients for a meal that wasn’t planned for my father and step father. It came out really well. The cooking of this meal was the reason my home had to be deep cleaned today. Every smell from every herb, meat, or seasoning was stuck in the air. Here’s some left overs if you’d like to try! 🙂

O o o…come into the kitchen if that’s not where we settled. I found succulents on clearance $5 for 3 today when I went to Lowes for top soil! Luckily, all the items needed to make an arrangement was already available at my home. On the way to Lowes, I reminded myself that I only came for topsoil. Lol…that never actually works. This is a cute, cheap option for a center piece! It’s super cute! And zen. As a mom of two I need all the zen I can get lol.


Thank yo for stopping by to share coffee with me! I do enjoy your time together! Hopefully, I’ll meet you at the venue of your choice a little later today. 🙂 Have a great week.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Nerd on the Brain. You can join the coffee share here!


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