Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share (Outside Time)

If we were having coffee I’d invite you over to my vintage home. We could enjoy a cupppa joe inside or outside. I’d let you pick our environment. If you chose the inside it would cool with all the ceiling fans going full speed circulating all the air coming through the window. On the flip side if we sat outside it’d be a little warmer with the sun resting on us. We could sit under the tree for shade. So where would you like settle?

Wherever we were I’d ask you how you’d been? How was your week? Anything new or exciting happen to you? Was it a rough week that made you super happy the weekend was here? Go ahead spill the beans…I love our time together!

If we were having coffee I’d invite you in or back (depending on where we decided to settle) to my bathroom which I have started renovating. I’d go on an on about the iron tub that the prior owner allowed someone to spray paint. I’d tell you last weekend I grabbed some paint thinner and attacked the absolutely unnecessary paint. The tub is old but it is beautiful. My mother was adamant that I needed to just buy a new tub. I almost agreed with her until I remembered how many beautiful, vintage things I’ve found throughout the redo of my home.  She was extremely surprised at how nice the tub was once the paint was removed. The plan is to paint and stencil behind the toilet and paint the vanity. I think it will be  a welcomed change for us. I purchased this house 10 years ago and simply lived in it. But I’m now working to make it mine!

You would notice the spots of fresh top soil that I politely asked you to step over on our way to the shaded spot under the tree (if outside was your choice). I’m also attempting to grow grass in the pretty awful soil outside. To my surprise it is growing nicely. I’ll worry about the weeds later in the year. Most of my front yard was either bare or moss. No curb appeal at all. LOL


Today I woke up with plans to go to the grocery store however I ended up at Lowes instead (#priorities guys priorities lol). My daughter and I started our garden about 3 weeks ago but I wanted to add some things. Unfortunately there’s no space in the actual garden so I used what I had around the house. I planted potatoes in flower pots (I poked wholes in the bottom for drainage) and herbs in mason jars. Saw the mason jar idea on Pinterest. Wish me luck! If it all works out I plan to share the success on Mommy Usage.

About the actual week…for the most part our weeks are the same everyday. That explains why my #weekendcoffeeshares are always about the weekend right? Hahahaha! My daughter and I got out of the house this past week, on a weekday, (gasp) as well as this weekend. We needed to break up the monotony of life. I figured a good craft evening would be good for us. I sometimes need a creativity break!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I have to run! My mother wants me to braid her hair this evening. I am not the least bit thrilled by this because I don’t enjoy it LOL. I braid my hair because I’m not paying $150+ to someone else for something I can do myself. It takes over 13 hours for me to do my hair. So that’s why I have to run. I need to basically be ready for the upcoming week prior to starting her hair. I actually said a prayer asking that my mom decide she doesn’t want to do this today hehehehehehe. She’s still in church so only time will tell. I’m personally keeping my fingers crossed though. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by to have coffee with me. Perhaps this week I will meet you a the venue of your choice throughout the week.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Nerd on the Brain. You can join the meetup here.


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