Prepare and Paint Wine Bottles in 5 Easy Steps

Take a life break and paint! (good advice right?) This is precisely what my daughter and I did tonight. To also save your sanity during this, what should be, fun time with your child pick a spot outside that doesn’t require neatness (for me this was the driveway) If your child is anything like mine paint will get spilled, mixed, flung, dropped, or worse. If you’re outside it won’t matter (score for mommy lol)

(Try water and peppermint extract to keep the bugs away…your welcome 😉 )


Step One: Soak Bottles to Remove Labels

Fill a sink or deep bucket with water. Add vinegar, baking soda, and dish detergent to the water. Allow to soak, totally submerged, for an hour or so. Check back periodically. Some labels come off quicker and easier than others.

Step Two: Remove All Excess Glue

To remove excess glue I used Goo Gone. This is an oil mixed with citrus fruit. If you need to use a product to remove leftover glue be sure to wash the bottle again.

Step Three: Allow Bottles To Dry

Personally, I stood each bottle upside down and allowed it to tilt into the a sturdy object in order to dry the inside of the bottle as well.

Step Four: Coat the Surface

In order to make the surface slightly rough (helps paint stick) I used a can of frosted glass spray paint from Michaels. To save time it may be a good idea to spray the bottles the day/night before painting is to begin.


Step Five: Using acrylic paint…Paint! Relax! Enjoy!


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