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Random Talk (Kitchen Redo)

After almost 3 months without a kitchen about a month ago my friend and I completely renovated my kitchen. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, no real effort to document the process was taken because I wanted my kitchen back in the worst way.

Let me tell you this was no small job. In fact it was a ginormous undertaking. My home was built in 1957 and without a doubt most of the bones and organs are also from 1957. I call it “My Vintage House”. After this redo however I am on a mission (one that has been halted for a few weeks because quite frankly I am tired lol) to spruce up these old bones.

YouTube was a Godsend in this entire project. (YouTube will teach you how to build an entire house if you find the right videos hahaha). During this journey I found a really cool, down to earth YouTuber named Thrift Diving! You should check her out! She is redoing her home one room at a time (or at least that was my take on it) Now that we’re past the “rebuilding” stage I am very interested in painting, stenciling, and that sort of thing. Not really feeling a huge redo job right now. Although my bathroom is on list. I want to completely gut it. If (well when cause it’s happening) I do I’ll do my best to document it for you!

An abatement team came in and ripped everything out of the kitchen. The flooring, cabinets, stove, washer, table…everything! All this “everything” sat in my living room and laundry room for two months! (I am slightly OCD so that was a major issue for me lol)

We first started sanding the cabinets. Which absolutely sucked!!! There were 5 layers of paint on them! (well why prior owner lol) Thankfully, very close to the end (better late than never) we found a product (CitriStrip) the was safe to use inside and cut several days off of those shenanigans. Yippie! Also, a friend of my friend (yep I just did that to make this post completely true) told us about a product (Mussel Bound) that made the backsplash super easy to do! I used a vinyl flooring from Lowes which I adore! (It’s adorbs as the kids say lol)

Anywho, without further ado….here’s my new kitchen!

Now I have to find wall décor for the one gray wall by the window. I’m thinking zinc planters with succulents! It will be so cute and homie. What do you think? It needed some color so I purchased yellow placemats and the rug in pic 3. When my body has finally recovered from this redo I’ll need to put my floating shelves back up over the stove. Lastly, curtains! The curtains in the pics have got to go! Hehehehe!

Stay tuned for new recipes and hopefully more frequent post from Mommy Usage!



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