Prepare and Paint Wine Bottles in 5 Easy Steps

Take a life break and paint! (good advice right?) This is precisely what my daughter and I did tonight. To also save your sanity during this, what should be, fun time with your child pick a spot outside that doesn’t require neatness (for me this was the driveway) If your child is anything like mine paint will… Continue reading Prepare and Paint Wine Bottles in 5 Easy Steps


Real Easy Bacon Mashed Potatoes

Sure you can buy a Betty Crocker or Spuds pouch and poof…bacon mashed potatoes! But let’s pretend for a minute that no one in the world sometimes (I use that word loosely lol)  ever wants the easiest, quickest, most convenient way. Let’s pretend we aren’t of the working class who’s super tired and doesn’t understand why people need to… Continue reading Real Easy Bacon Mashed Potatoes