Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share (ADHD and Life)

If we were having coffee I’d invite you over to my home which is still in disarray. Luckily the weather is nice today. I’d whisk you away to the Adirondack chairs located in the front yard under my neighbors large tree that helps shade my home on warm days. I’d quickly scamper in the house to brew us both a cuppa joe. Instead of asking you to maneuver through the clutter I’d take your order and hope I get it just right! Wouldn’t want you to stay away due to yucky coffee!

How have you been? Anything new or exciting happen last week?

If we were having coffee I’d tell about my meeting with one of the most sweetest babies ever yesterday. OMG (that’s what the young hip kids say right hehehehe) I fell in love with her tiny little hands, curly hair, independent spirit, and all of her sweetness. We (my daughter and I ) spent about 4 hours at the park with her on Saturday. To my surprise her mother allowed her to come over our house on Sunday for about 2 hours for some one-on-one time. My heart melted. Her mother said she was very surprised at how comfortable the baby was around me because normally it takes her a long time to warm up to people. I’m so glad she did. This meeting was supposed to happen about 2 weeks ago but her mother was very nervous and decided against it. While disappointment struck in my heart I let her know that I understood she was protecting her daughter. I told her I’d be here whenever she was ready. That weekend I ran out to pick up a gift for her. The gift sat in my hall as a reminder that I wasn’t able to meet her. It stung a lot but I had faith that it would happen. This weekend my faith paid off! ❤

1cca60244b82d5506054755239efebe5Last week I mentioned my daughter was tested for ADHD. She was diagnosed. I come from a long line of “ain’t nothing wrong with that girl/boy they just need a spanking”. It infuriates me but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And they are just that opinions in my book *snaps fingers*. Anywho, after much deliberating (and when I say deliberating I mean crying lol) I decided to try the medicine. It’s the lowest dose possible but it should help her focus and give her a break from being the energizer bunny! I explained to her pediatrician that if I see any signs of zombieness or zoning out I’d drop it like a bad habit (in my case that’s a bad saying to use because I’m still smoking but you get the point hahaha). After putting on my big girl panties, wiping the tears and snot (yeah it was ugly lol) my daughter and I sat down to talk about what this medicine was, how it could help her, and what she needed to do for me to make sure she wasn’t experiencing side effects. If we were having coffee I’d ask if you know much about the subject. If you answered yes I’d ask you for some advice. It’s all very new to me.

32695234If we were having coffee I’d tell you to break up the monotony of life I planned to take my kids bowling this evening buuuuuuttt when my daughter started “cleaning” (I use the term loosely lol) she actually started rearranging her room. She has a plan however it doesn’t seem to be coming together lol. After we finish our cups of coffee I’m going to go hurry the process along. Perhaps bowling will have to wait and so with the monotony break!

Thank you for stopping by to enjoy a cup of coffee. I hope your week is full of light and love. It’s been running away from over the past few weeks but I know it’s headed back my way ;). I’ll meet you at the venue of your choice this week, maybe even later tonight! O before I forget…Have you had a chance to visit Mommy Usage on Facebook?? If not, when you get a chance (I’m not pushy lol) please visit. If you like what you see don’t forget to press like!

The #weekendcoffeeshare started by Diana at Part-Time Monster is now hosted by Emily at Nerd in the Brain. You can join here.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share (ADHD and Life)

  1. Wow! WE are kindred spirits right now! Two weeks ago my 7yo was diagnosed with ADHD predominately inattentive type after a month of testing. I too cried like a big slobbering baby! I cried when I turned in the prescription, I cried when I got it home and I cried about thirty minutes prior to giving it to her for the first time. She is also on the lowest dose and seems to be helping so far. Very minimal side effects, but its only been a couple of weeks, so time will tell. She is in jeopardy of failing school, so I am praying that this will help her focus enough to pass!

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    1. I just read your post! Wow we absolutely are kindred spirits. I’m so glad your daughter scored high on her test and that things are ok for her now.

      My daughter’s 1st day of taking the medicine was Friday. Unfortunately her teacher had to leave early. My daughter’s class was split between 4 other teachers. Hopefully on tomorrow she will be able to give me some feedback. My daughter is predominately hyperactivity type. Luckily despite her constant talking, not staying seated, and being easily distracted she is still passing. We are working on getting her up to her reading level now.

      Thank you for the comment and your post! Have a wonderful week! 😊


  2. I hope that the medicine helps your daughter. I’m sure none of this has been easy. My husband has ADD and began meds recently. I see so many similar features in my younger daughter but she has not been diagnosed.

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