Life Talk

Life Talk

17308846_1337231576322599_4421501665178253840_nAfter staring at my laptop for several hours tonight not wanting to write “another mommy post” I decided to read through some blogs I follow on WordPress. Not to get ideas just to waste time lol #masterprocrastinator I thoroughly enjoyed perusing through each writers cyberspace  (I rarely get to do that on weeknights). Following that my fingers drove me over to the world wide web in search of ways to boost my engagements on the Mommy Usage Facebook Page. By the way there’s two new logos now (the rainbow was eating my soul lol). After which I decided to search “topics for mom blogs” (yep found nothing there). According to the web successful blogs will be “useful”. Here’s a previous blog I wrote that may be useful…(score I can see the follows coming in now lol)

Funny-Laundry-Meme-5Tomorrow is a free day for me. In lieu of the doctor’s visit and everything else going on right now I figured I’d just take a little me time. When I say me time I mean sleep time. Although I really need to take a trip to the laundromat. A few years ago when my son was much younger and my daughter wasn’t thought of the laundromat was a routine every Sunday morning. I’ve become spoiled over the past nine years after purchasing a house with a washer and dryer hookup. I don’t want to go someone save me!! #1stworldproblems In all honesty I have one pair of clean “delicates” left so you know what that means. LOL! I kid! I kid!

78d5d2b7f369a192c1d41d1c00cd251cIn other news my kitchen should be getting repaired within the next two weeks…let me rephrase that. The contractor should start working on my kitchen in the next two weeks. We are picking out flooring and things this weekend. Our routine seems so off without a kitchen accompanied by all the other stuff that is displaced in our home right now. I think the only thing I’m keeping together is getting out of the house on time. Although I’m pretty sure the alarm clock is doing most of the work there. Hehehehehehe! I press snooze but it just keeps going every 1o minutes. By then I can’t go back to sleep anyway. So shout out to alarm clocks!

largeLastly for tonight a little inspiration. Recently it seemed the flood gate of crazy in my life had opened. A break up, a home disaster, a teenager (yeah he counted for a while lol), newly awakened drama with one of my children’s fathers, o and did I mention the home disaster? I did…ok now that that’s covered hahahaha. I was feeling very down. Not depressed just that feeling of disappointment and aggravation that you can’t shake…if you know what I mean. I am Ms. Good Vibes for the most part. But I just couldn’t get those feelings to go away. Then one day I asked one of my staff members who recently lost her mother if she was ok because she had been quiet for the better part of the day. Her response (which made so much sense) was “I’m sad and that’s okay”. WOW! Yep, she was right! Every day or week is not going to be good. We are made with emotions and feeling…the good and the bad. So while I hated the way I was feeling it was okay. I had a lot on my plate for while. In trying to comfort her she comforted me. 🙂

It’s Wednesday the week is halfway over! How has your week been?

If you get some time wonder over to our facebook page (link in first paragraph). Also, for most post like this visit Mommy Usage on WordPress! You’ll find recipes, crafts, advice (loosely given lol), and more!


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