Mommy Talk

Mommy Talk (Open Letter to My Dear Sweet Daughter)

Good Evening All,

I wrote this post 7 months ago (according to WordPress) however, it was never posted. Last week after having attended parent teacher conference I made the decision to have my daughter tested for ADHD. To explain every emotion that has surfaced since the appointment was scheduled is impossible. She asked me what the papers were for that her teacher sent home. I didn’t know how to answer so I simply said “I just needed them”. Never do I want her to think she’s not perfect the way she is but it also would be counter productive not to rule it out or in. I’ve seen the “1” beside “write” on my home screen but never thought to open it until tonight. The universe just sent me a little light and love! ❤

Dear Sweet Girl,

The road could be long and hard. Remember I said could…it’s totally up to you. How you view life and circumstances will determine that. My heart has no doubt that you will take the world by the reigns and lead it to your venue of choice! This is coming from a mom who overdoes things, overthinks things, and until recently, took life waaaaay to serious. (you better not agree to any of those prior statements lol) Life is meant to live to the fullest. Never forget that!

You are one of the apples of my eye, some of the cream in my coffee (I love cream). Your brother is the rest! 😉 You’re the girl that greets the world with arms wide open and never meets a stranger. That’s absolutely amazing. Never change how you are no matter how this crazy world treats you. Everyone won’t like you and that’s okay! Remember those who matter won’t mind your personality or your super outgoing and loving nature. You make me smile everyday.

When I found out you were coming into this world I was scared. Scared that I didn’t have enough love for two children. You proved me wrong. There’s not way anyone couldn’t love you! If they don’t, hey it’s their loss. Don’t ever let anyone kill your spirit and zest for life! At the end all that will matter is that you lived your life the way that made you happy. Life isn’t about pleasing the masses, it’s not about living up to what others think you should be. Life is about enjoying your time here.

Time waits for no one. If you want it. By golly go get girly! Don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s time-to give you approval. Your approval is all that matters. Once you get what is yours don’t feel guilty or bad if someone close to you doesn’t congratulate you. Keep your loving spirit.

I know things aren’t ideal for us. And for that I am extremely sorry. If I could give you the world, planets, and stars I would. You’ll understand when you’re older that you can’t control other people. It is my sincere hope that none of this unconventional life ruins you as you grow. Trust that I will always tell you the truth. No matter how much it hurts or scares me.  I’ll put my feeling aside to hopefully help you to understand your life and being.

You know I remember the day your were born, your 1st steps, the way your cry sounded (just to name a few). All I want and will ever want is for you to be happy. If you’re happy traveling the world (although I’d miss you dearly)…do it! If you’re happy single and successful (although I’d like grandchildren)…do it! If you’re happy working blue collar work…do it! If you’re happy staying in our little town (although I’d like you to make it out)…do it! If you’re happy being a SAHM…do it! Just be happy! Don’t live for my approval or anyone else’s other than YOURS! Be happy my sweet girl…do it! If I haven’t covered something that will make you happy, again, I say…do it! I will always have your back!

“If you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance” 😉





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