Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share (Good Will Haul, Kitchen Disaster, Life)


If  we were having coffee I’d invite you to navigate your way through the maze which I have been calling my home for a month, tomorrow. Hopefully, it doesn’t bother you nearly as much as it is bothering me. In my makeshift kitchen I’d prepare for us a cup of joe. We’d use fine flatware (and when I say fine I mean plastic due to the fact that I can’t find a real spoon in my house lol) to stir in creamer and sugar. You’d notice that the kitchen is gutted down to the sub floor. Out of complete astonishment you’d say “what in the world happened here”. I give you the blank stare and ask what are you were talking about. Perhaps try not to blink…(it works for my kids when they’d rather not answer a question I’m asking lol)


I’m kidding but before diving into that conversation…just wondering…how have been? Anything new or exciting happen for you in the last few weeks? We need to catch up! I’ve overlooked our coffee shares and my virtual home. In the coming weeks I’ll attempt to remedy that.

IMG_0143[1]If we were having coffee I’d again say that tomorrow makes a month of the ridiculous process of having my kitchen redone (yes I am on the edge no need to ask lol). No this is not a choice I made. My now old washer decided it was time for a kitchen remodel. While at work one day in February the dang thing started up on it’s own and flooded almost the entire house. We spent a couple weeks in a hotel. My son bailed on us after maybe 3 days (he has no loyalty hahahahaha). My daughter didn’t want to leave because she really enjoyed the free breakfast every morning. Unfortunately we’ll end up staying at a hotel again when the contractors get around to redoing the wood floors in the rest of house. But on a brighter note (because if I don’t give you a “brighter note” you’d feel like I was just complaining…which I am lol) I get a new kitchen and  my wood floors redone.

On yesterday the kids, my mom, my sister, and I went out for a fun day of thrifting (my mom wasn’t feeling it at all), dinner, and a movie. There’s two really nice dinner and a movie type theaters in our area. Bad news…they were all sold out for Beauty and the Beast. I was bummed that we couldn’t get tickets. It didn’t dampen our plan though. We just went to a regular theater. My sister and I both found a lot of awesome things at Good Will yesterday. Currently, I’m not couponing because I dare not bring anything that needs a home in my laundry room, kitchen, or living room into my house right now. But the closet is a different story lol. However, I still want it to be affordable.


IMG_0140[1]If we were having coffee I’d apologize for not inviting you to coffee at the nail salon. It would have been a much better option than my construction site. LOL. Yesterday morning I woke up early to give myself a little me time (trust me this girl needs it). I’ll invite you next time! Girl Scout cookie season is underway. I completely pulled a “bad mommy” this weekend and called out of every cookie booth that was scheduled and did things like this. I was in desperate need of a relaxed, non rushed weekend. Last minute thoughts on Friday sent me on an internet journey to find a cabin in the mountains. Who knew so many people went to the mountains this time of year. Not me! LOL. Anywho that didn’t work out sooooooo pedicures, movies, thrifting, and food worked! 🙂

Cute little story: If you are a reader of mine you’ve read before about how my daughter rolls. See the scooter in the picture…do ya do ya? Well she just got it today and she broke the back wheel break off! Cause that’s how she rolls! Hehehehehe. I’ve learned to pick my battles…it’s her toy and I didn’t pay for it!


Thanks for stopping by to share coffee with me! Hopefully I’ll meet you at a venue of your choice sometime this week.



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