Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee I’d supply you, my dear friend, with all the coffee you could handle. I’d top off your cup over and over at your request (I’m that kind of host). However, I’d be having a glass or two or seventy-five of sweet wine.  This week was long at work and uncomfortable in my personal life. You’d be invited into the kitchen where House Hunters is rolling on the tiny television while I prep to get my little Girl Scout off to her Lock-in tonight. We have some time to chit chat. Throw your feet up in a chair, get comfortable, and enjoy your coffee.

Details concerning that whole uncomfortable personal life stuff is not why I asked you over. How have you been? Tell me! How was your week? Did you try anything new or different? Spill the beans. (I’m moving  around a bit I hope you understand…mothers don’t rest until bedtime lol)

If we were having coffee I’d tell you last weekend I started my journey to quit smoking. Yippie! As of today my smoking count per day is around 2 or 3. Now it’s not complete success however it’s definitely great strides since normally I demolish a pack a day. Unfortunately cold turkey is not my friend (in fact it’s my nemesis lol) so instead of fighting withdrawal to the death I chose a nicotine patch. The Walgreens brand because I’m Ms. Thrifty. Even that was $30 plus bucks for two weeks worth of patches which is still less than paying for a pack of cigarettes a day. O and I used my HSA account funded by my employer!  So I won! Hahahahahaha!

Let’s talk teenagers for a minute (hope you don’t mine). My 13 year old cleaned our whole house today!!! I feel like my bank account is about to take a hit. (why else would he have done that without being asked?? LOL) I’ve had two requests so far…a teddy bear for his “girlfriend” (who’s phone number he does not have…works for me LOL) and a $25 video game. Ok that’s not too bad I guess. Still my mommy senses says more will be coming I’ll wait to see. Last night I mentioned wanting to go get my nails done alone. He offered to watch his sister. (where is my son and what did you do with him hehehehehe). But on a more serious note, everything he has done over he last two days has done my heart good. I work really hard and like any other parent I worry I’m not doing any of this right. However, on days this I feel I might, just maybe, it’s still up in the air 🙂 be doing ok at parenting.

img_11201If we were having coffee. I’d tell you picked up two more books (one was a gift after finishing a series of classes at work). Pretty sure I’m going to start taking classes just to get books now lol. I kidd I kidd. Or do I? Anywo…following dropping my daughter (who keeps walking in interrupting our conversation) off, picking up a teddy bear, and playing a little Xbox with my son tonight I plan to snuggle up with a glass of wine and read until my eyes get heavy.

Well it’s getting pretty late and I have few last minute things to do for my daughter so I’ll bid you good night. I’d thank you for coming by, apologize for missing coffee last weekend, and let you know I’ll visit you at your venue of choice sometime this week. 🙂

Sending light and love your way…

#WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Diana over at the Part-Time Monster blog. You can join here!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I ran into similar situations (years ago) with the teenage son of friends we we’re living with… Whenever he went into cleaning mode I knew he wanted something – a ride somewhere and maybe a few extra bucks (spending money). Haven’t ran into the same with my son as of yet (he’s 15). Hope you have a wonderful & blessed week.

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  2. House Hunters is great I enjoy House Hunters International as well. Wonderful job on cutting back on your smoking, it’s a hard road but it sounds like you are doing great. I love those parenting moments that confirm we are doing something right in spite of who it feels sometimes. I enjoyed one of those moments a couple weekends ago, and I had the same “where are my sons” thought. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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    1. My quitting smoking hasn’t gone as planned but I haven’t given up! Thank you! I love HHI as well! I’ve never travelled out of the USA. Children can def surprise you! I’m glad you enjoyed it recently as well.


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