Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share (Parties, Celebrations, and Teaching)

If we were having coffee you’d find me laying across the bed watching Eat. Pray. Love for the, not exaggerated, 25th time this year lol. I’d put it on pause to enjoy our weekly cup of joe. We’d settle in my room. Remove your shoes, let your hair down (or pin it up whichever you prefer), and get comfortable. Of course I’d run to the kitchen to prepare our coffee. I am a little behind this week because (you’d notice) my children and I woke early to clean the house. Hopefully, you are enjoying the fresh smells filling the air! šŸ™‚

How was your week? Did you do anything new or exciting? If life got you down remember tomorrow is a new day!

img_98011If we were having coffee I’d play back the events of last weekend. On Saturday morning I woke up to a text message from my father wishing me happy birthday (my birthday was actually Thursday lol). He wanted to know why I hadn’t told him he missed my birthday (not sure that’s how birthdays work hahahaha). At 33 I’m okay with people forgetting. Shoot I forget others at times! I thought it was funny and cute at the same time. My father is that guy that should have been a comedian but chose a different path in life.

img_98001On Saturday afternoon my daughter went to a glitz and glamour/animal print themed birthday party. It was the cutest little party. Unfortunately a lot of the guests either misunderstood or didn’t understand the theme at all. However, the decorations were beautiful. My favorite set up was the candy bar (I should have took a picture but it slipped my mind). It was a dream party for a now 9 year old girl. There was jump roping, tutus, and a lot of pink. Her mother did a wonderful job!!

Later that night my honey took me to a restaurant, called Coopers Hawk, in one of the fancier areas in our state . Coopers Hawk is a winery and restaurant. I am a wine lover. My preference is sweet wine. Moscato is my favorite. We got dressed and drove 50 minutes or so to this restaurant. Our expectations were high. We arrived to complimentary valet parking, which I declined, I’m not that kind of fancy! Ha! The restaurant was very chic and trendy. However, after sampling three wines, a overly sauces appetizer, and bland dinner we decided we didn’t have to visit again. Nonetheless I was given a free birthday dessert which also fell flat. Hehehehehehehe! Such is life!

By the way my guy gave me a beautiful MK watch for my birthday which I absolutely love.

If we were having coffee I’d offer you more coffee. I feel like we’d both be dozing in and out of sleep throughout the conversation. It’s so peaceful in my house right now. Everyone is in there own spaces and it’s really quiet. It’s amazing that this is happening on a Saturday morning.( I’m not complaining though!)

On Monday I was given the opportunity to teach the journey lesson to the Daisy girl scouts in our troop. Being able to do this gave me a sense of being useful. The girls started a group garden in flower pot. I had planned for this meeting for about 2 weeks. It went really well! šŸ™‚

I’ve really enjoyed having coffee with you! Thanks for stopping by! I believe it’s nap time for me now. In a little while I’ll head over to your venue and enjoy coffee with you. I wish you all the best in the week ahead! ā¤

#WeekendCoffeeShare is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can join the conversation here.


8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share (Parties, Celebrations, and Teaching)

  1. Happy Birthday! Funny you watched Eat Pray Love this week because I mentioned it in my post as I finally watched my DVD for the first time.
    Sorry to hear the restaurant didn’t lie up to expectations. I hate that. I’m a fairly good cook and I hate it when we pay good money for mediocre food. It’s such a let down…especially on such a special night.
    Your girl scout activities lok good. Both of my kids are in sea scouts and it really extends them. It’s fabulous.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


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