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Mommy Talk (A Shout Out To Moms)

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Yesterday should have been Mommy Talk day here on Mommy Usage. However, I was occupied by my oldest baby. He is 13. Now I wanna be upfront and honest, before I start detailing (I promise I won’t go to far lol…remember there’s a point to the story) the events that started Sunday evening up until the middle of Monday, it’s a tad bit yucky! (Moms don’t have the option to roll out on yucky lol

On Sunday my son returned home from a weekend with his father constipated. (O God if you know who I am please don’t mention this to him, he’d kill me hahaha) Every now and then this happens to him. However he is normally home with me. Over the weekend instead of divulging his issue to his father (or stepmom) he decided he’d wait until he got home (thanks kid I really appreciate that…no really I do lol). Anywho, I catapulted into mommy mode to help my son. He was very frustrated by the situation. Unfortunately all of my subtle methods did not exactly work out which frustrated him even more. After trying two medications and a natural remedy (which worked but not completely) I offered to take him to the ER. He declined. We had a long night/morning. (I won’t go into detail but I will say I have the cleanest bathroom in America now…I literally had to clean it 5 or 6 times

On Monday morning we were able to get an appointment with the pediatrician. This is when we were alerted to the fact that the “subtle” methods I was using wouldn’t get the job done. He was on the brink of being impacted. 

Long story short I had to become a nurse with no degree (with doctors orders), and errand runner, and control my patiences for over an hour as I persuaded him that what the doctor prescribed would give him instant relief but that he had to trust me to do it. 

After it was all said and done he said “we had a long day didn’t we mom!” I laughed and said yes we did. On today he said “give me a hug because you did good yesterday” (warm fuzzy feelings). 

He appreciated what I did for him and how I handled myself. And I appreciate him just as much for expressing it! He doesn’t have to say “thank you”because it’s my job as his mother. But I can’t say it didn’t feel good to have him express his gratitude! We all need to know we are appreciated! šŸ˜Š

So to all the moms that transform into nurses, taxi drivers, psychologists, chefs, nutritionists, teachers, and so much more on the drop of a dime whenever your kids need it here’s a shout out to you! You’re amazing…in case no one has told you recently! #momlife


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