Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share (Cupcakes, Going Out, Supporting Our Troops)

If were having coffee we’d sink into the couches while sipping on warm mugs of decaf coffee. You’d already know to throw your feet up as if you were home. You’d hear my daughter talking to herself from the back of the house, my son fussing at the Xbox and one really loud tv. I’d hope this wouldn’t be awfully distracting. As a mother I’ve learned the art of tune out! 🙂

Initially, I’d ask if you happened to see the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Monday. I’d trash talk a little about the glorious win then move on to other things! Somewhere in my bragging about the best team ever, I’d ask what American football team you liked?

If we were having coffee I’d ask how your week has been? Did you try anything new, fun, or exciting? Did life get you down? Did something especially different happen for you this week? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

My daughter was invited to a birthday party today at a place called Jumpology. After which their plan is to conclude the festivities at Cici’s pizza. I’m not really a birthday party mom but recently I’ve had a interest in finding mom friends. Therefore going to this party (and the one she was invited to next week) may help with my new found interest. I’ve checked out a couple of “meet up” groups however I haven’t found one in my area that seems to be especially active. What’s your experience finding mom friends? So with that being said our coffee share will be short. Me being the procrastinator that I am, I still have to get the birthday girl a gift, cook breakfast for my kids, get myself and my daughter bathed, and dressed.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you last weekend was rather awesome. We didn’t do anything super exciting. Just having family time after a long week of school and work can be just what the doctor ordered. Not going to babble about work too much. I talked about it a little last night in my Friday Shenanigans post! What I will say is it’s getting better! 🙂 Yippie!

I took a couple of pictures of last weekend in anticipation of sharing them with you! Hopefully this weekend will be filled with just as much family time fun!

On Saturday I packed my daughter and our doggie in the car and headed to a near by park for a couple of hours. At the start of this outing the sun was behind the clouds and not too hot. By the end we were all sweating and ready to go home. LOL. I packed water, a portable doggie bowl, and few snacks. Lucky enough a child from my daughter’s class was also there. His mother, myself, and another mother talked a little while the kids played. Having adult talk every now and then is good for the soul.

When we returned home after bathing and refreshing ourselves I allowed my daughter to make cupcakes. She literally made them herself. I measured the ingredients and she went for it! She did an awesome job!


If we were having coffee I’d tell you my mood last Saturday was very somber. Not sure why but it was. In an effort to lift my spirits my guy decided to take me out to the rooftop restaurant I love so much. After a couple drinks and a beautiful sunset my mood had drastically improved. It was a nice night out!

On Sunday our Girl Scout troop was offered (and accepted) a great opportunity to deliver brownies and cupcakes to 40 or 50 Marine troops. The Marine’s were so nice to the girls. We are planning to help more often. Basically, the parents of the troops contacts a representative (an acquaintance of mine), she bakes all weekend, and then delivers them to the troops every Sunday! It’s a great non profit organization that we are happy to now be a part of. As a “high five” to the girls I made brownies Sunday night for their Monday meeting! They were so excited.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you the second week of school went well. Each night chores and homework was completed. The children got to bed on time as well. I also started a new “me” time event nightly! Every night after putting my daughter to bed I enjoy a cup of Sleepytime tea at the kitchen table by myself for 30 minutes. I sit in silence and wind down! I love this new addition to my very hectic mom schedule.

If we were having coffee I’d admit we started having coffee Saturday morning and it’s just now ending on Sunday evening! We had a looooooot to talk about! Hahahahahaha!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Sending everyone all the light and love I can! 🙂


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