Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #18

As always Friday I couldn’t be more excited to see you. I’d venture as far as to say I’m elated to see you. As a parent Friday doesn’t carry the same meaning for me as other people. There’s no partying every weekend or exploring new far away places or coming straight home to snuggle in bed after a long week. Being such, it still doesn’t mean Friday doesn’t have any exciting value.

Tonight’s shenanigans find me on the couch listening to my boyfriend attempt to answer every clue on Jeopardy. (What is stop???) LOL. Anywho, the only plans made for this evening, in my mind, is to relax-glass of wine in hand.

A family member who lives out of town is in town. Initially, they called for “us” to make an appearance. After several minutes elapsed my family digressed and asked for the kids. LOL. (They know me well…even tried to bribe me with crabs…I looooooove crabs). So that’s where my daughter is. Honestly, after I’m satisfied with the level of laziness I’ve achieved I’ll probably head over to spend time with them. When I dropped my daughter off the smell of good food cooking almost trapped me but I fought it. LOL. I’m small in body but I can eat! Food makes me happy!

If you happened read my coffee share last week  you’ll know my position at work has changed. My mind is exhausted from pondering how and what I’m going to do to be successful in the position should I secure it permanently. The HR representative has offered one on one coaching (which I accepted). Additionally, I signed up for training classes. The 1st class was 5 hours long! This class is followed by three 7 hour classes! (whyyyyyy lol) Although it was long useful information was given. Additionally, there are now a barrage of meetings that require my presence. So yeah I’m in need of some lazy couch time! 🙂

What I’m learning at this current moment is my dog is a follower! Laying on the couch all I hear is barking. I’ve mentioned how annoying this doggie ritual is to me. My boyfriend’s dog is here and he loves to bark. Now my dog has found her passion too! LOL

Anywho, what are you doing this good Friday evening?


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