Mommy Talk

Mommy Talk (Don’t Take Life Too Seriously)

After sitting in the living room doing absolutely nothing this morning for 10-15 minutes, I round up the troops and head to the car. The car moves slowly out the driveway, around the corner, turns yet another corner, and we are headed to the bus stop. Wheeeeeen I hear my daughter say “I should have tried to go potty”. I’m sorry what was that I heard. In my mommy mind I just heard…You have to turn around, get out of the car, get a child out of the car, let her use the bathroom, come back, get in the car again and BLOW all your hard work. (yep that’s what she said…I heard it lol) This happened today!

How Did This End: She used the bathroom. I was maybe 3 minutes behind time. Arrived to work on time and now I’m here!

Ha! You’re so super organized this year! *pats self on the back and smiles*. I’ll go ahead and update the dry erase board with tomorrow’s dinner plan. *hums to self* Start to erase the “dry erase” marker from the board only to realize one of the minions living in the home has written on my fancy organizational tool with a permanent marker! *humming stops* I head to the back of the house to explain (in the crazy mom voice of course) that the dry erase board is now ruined! It’s ruined, it’s the end of the world, I’ll never own anything nice, just don’t write on it again! (what in the world…crazy much lol).

How Did This End: It’s funny what isn’t life ending! (go figure lol) I was able to find a super easy solution on the web. Simply color over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and erase! That simple. My dry erase board was not ruined and life did not end! I shared this information with my son to which he replied “Cause it wasn’t permanent”. Hahahahaha! Kids don’t care and they live a carefree life! (o and it was permanent…just wanted to point that out 🙂 )


This morning when smoke was coming out of my ears due to the little bathroom situation I remembered how many times I’ve left work knowing I had “to go” but chose not to. Knowing my ride home was 35-40 minutes and decided to stop on the way home. Yes, the extra stop could have been avoided had I just gone before I left work.

Recently, I’ve mindfully, done my best not to raise my voice or scream. (some days are easier than others…I’ll be honest). In addition, I’m attempting to think before I act concerning things such as the candy paper someone threw on the floor (you know like we live outside and even that is littering…what’s wrong with these little people lol) after eating the candy. Last night, I picked up a wrapper, handed it the culprit, and nicely asked her to throw it away. And she did! (Yes I’m aware that she knows it should have been in the trash ha)

So today as a short reminder! We all have our moments of crazy (or five or six moments hahaha)! Just remember 99% of things that our children do aren’t world ending. Remember that they are children no matter infant, toddler, preschooler, elementary, middle, or high school! These little busy, talking, carefree, not giving two cares, happy-go-lucky, easy breezy people make mistakes and misjudgments just as adults do. 




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