Life Talk

Life Talk (Thick Skin and Randomness)

Yesterday I was appointed “acting” revenue manager at work. Sigh…when I should have been excited about my achievement I allowed others attitude toward the TEMPORARY promotion get me down. Well not down I was more mad than down. (Jesus when am I going to get back on my yoga journey lol). Thankfully today I remembered who I am, what I’ve been through, and how I made it. This is not uncommon when I receive an accolade or promotion at work. (don’t ask me why) When I started at my current company I started as a teller, that was 9.93 (that’s what the system says lol) years ago. Since then I believe I’ve interviewed and received 3 different jobs. With no uncertainty I also plan to apply to become the permanent revenue manager as well. Anywho, I’m glad I now have thick skin. Today I came into work with confidence. At the end of the day I am taking care of two children and I need all the money I can get. Thick skin activated! 🙂

Last night as I was repacking my daughter’s book bag I realized she had been drawing in the 2nd notebook with 3 packs of crayons (all poured in the bottom of her bag) that were school supplies. Last night I shorted crayons. My daughter is so busy! Gracious me! And I have no idea where the other box is! Aggravated mommy activated! LOL

Any funny back to school stories? Please share.


Back to school in full affect around my way! It’s been a really easy week. We are on a schedule. Bedtime has come on time most nights. My son was 8 minutes late last night. (the death stare I gave him reminded him where he should be lol). Our command center has really helped us stay organized. My daughter loves the check off list and the clip board (makes her feel important lol). Scoooooorrre for mom! My son just thinks it’s over the top, but he feels that way about everything I do (he loves me, I’m telling you)! Happy mommy activated! 🙂

How has the 1st week of school been for you and yours?



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