Tempura Pork Chop w/ Brown Sugar Garlic Glaze

In the uncommon event that Pinterest does not come to the rescue ones only option to delivery themselves. Tonight after a short, rushed scroll through a ginormous number of pork chop recipes which did not interest me, I did just that, delivered myself!

Fried pork chops was on the menu. However, I shy away from frying really thick pork chops due to under cooking in the past. A few weeks ago I found an awesome deal for 4 thick cut chops. $4.95 for 4 on manager special!!!! (couldn’t pass that deal up) This cooking journey that I’ve taken on has not been long, however, I’ve begun to realize which ingredients marry well with certain meats. I recalled apples and other sweet additives were normally coupled with pork. Instead of hot sauce or ketchup (my son used ketchup he’s not down with all the fanciness lol) I considered a sweet glaze. As an alternative to frying the pork chops with flour as the breading I decided on tempura. Tempura, in my opinion, is a better coating option to use when adding a sauce or glaze. (totally just my opinion lol)

To my (and my daughter’s-she at two helpings of pork 🙂 ) pleasant surprise this was one of the best tasting new meals that has been created, recently, from my always evolving mental cookbook!

What You Will Need
2 Thick Cut Pork Chops
1/2 tsp Rubbed Sage
1/2 tsp Parsley
1 packet Tempura Batter
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp water
1/2 clove garlic (minced)

Tempura Pork

1. Rinse and clean pork chops. If bone in, cut meat off bone. Discard bone or keep to flavor another meal.
2. Pat dry. Cut pork into long slices.
3. Follow directions on tempura package. You will probably only need to add water. Add sage and parsley to tempura mix.
4. Fill a cast iron pan or skillet to halfway point with cooking oil. Allow to heat on medium high. Oil will need to be hot to crisp the tempura.
5. Dip pork chop strip into tempura batter. Drop in oil. Allow to crisp on the outside. This may take about 2-4 minutes. Once the outside is crisp. Turn heat down to medium to allow pork to cook through. This may take an additional 3-5 minutes. Keep your eye on it.
6. Drain pork on a napkin.

Brown Sugar Garlic Glaze

1. Mince garlic.
2. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan.
3. Add garlic. Allow to cook for 1-2 minutes. Stir continuously. Do not allow the garlic to burn.
4. Add brown sugar and water to garlic.
5. Continuously stir ingredients until brown sugar is smooth.
6. Drizzle over pork and enjoy!

NOTE: Once the glaze has sat it will begin to thicken. Reheat and enjoy again. 🙂

Visual Directions: I was feeling my way through the glaze and totally forgot to take pictures. Please forgive me!

Potato Hash can be found by clicking here!

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