Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #18 (staycation)

If we were having coffee I’d quickly usher you inside, take your soaked rain coat, wave you into the direction where you can leave your rain boots while rambling about the weather. The dreadful weather that has found it’s way to the east coast should scamper away soon. Nevertheless it is here now. Over the last few weeks I’ve offered you cooler drinks but my mind is telling me coffee will be just fine today. While the coffee is brewing please feel free to get comfortable on the couch. Throw your feet up, lay back, and relax. There’s so much we need to chat about! Here’s a nice hot cup of joe. Sip or guzzle. I’ve got plenty where that came from.

How was your week? Were you impacted by this, now, tropical storm on the east coast? Did you do anything fun or exciting? Although my hope is that life didn’t get you down…did life get you down?

If we were having coffee you’d probably inquire about how my staycation has been. It’s been really good. A week away from work is always a plus. Not that I dislike my job-but we all need a break at times. I’d tell you I spent the 1st two days of the week re-braiding my hair. Having my hair braided saves so much time and aggravation in the mornings. However, it is a 10 – 13 hour process when I take on the task myself (which is normally). Going to a salon could cost $150 – $200 to have it installed. If you’ve ever had coffee with me before you know that’s not an option I’d chose on a regular day. Though the process is grueling it is also very much worth it.

I know you’ve gotten really comfy over on the other couch but I have something to show you. Anyone who knows me knows I have NO issue with receiving used items. Not too long ago I was speaking to someone about wanting a new flat top range. Would you guess a friend of a family member called to tell me I could have their used range! Apparently, they replaced their appliances with stainless steel. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll take it! LOL. No shame in my game. It fits well in my kitchen…colors and all! I was very thankful!


While you were already up and moving around I’d offer you more coffee. Did you see our new command center on your way into the kitchen? Of course you did but I was too busy ranting and raving about the stove you didn’t get a chance to ask about it. You can check it out here. I absolutely love it! It is my prayer that it helps us stay organized this school year!

command center

If we were having coffee I’d tell you we took several day trips during this staycation. Crabbing, amusement park, and an animal park (much like a zoo). There were plans on visiting the near by beach but Hurricane Hermine had different plans. #mothernature Missing the beach trip didn’t disappoint me too badly seeing as my skin breaks out from being in the sun too long. That weirdness didn’t start until after I gave birth to my daughter. Sunscreen is no match for the sun as far a my skin is concerned lol. (I honestly should mention this to my doctor the next time I go…I know I know my daughter is 6…I’ll do it!) My daughter rode her first “big girl” roller coaster at the amusement park. It was a rather hilarious event. Her facial expressions coupled with her screaming and vowing to hurl during the whole ride was funny! After she got off she was ready to go again.  Unfortunately I had been battling a headache all day so she was able to ride one more roller coaster before we headed out. She wanted a funnel cake and my son wanted dippin dots (those things were $6 for a tiny cup…sigh) so we grabbed those and left. By the last day of mini trips my son decided to bow out so I allowed him not to go. He had been a trooper. (You know how teenagers can get lol)

In addition to the many day trips we took the other thing I enjoyed was being able to cook breakfast a few mornings. This is an activity that I miss out on Monday – Friday. My work day begins at 7:30. This means we get up at 5:15 and head out by 6:30. There’s really no time to sit down and enjoy breakfast together on a normal day.


Orientation for school was this past Tuesday. While I wasn’t very happy with some news I received at my son’s school I was happy to know he had teachers that understood my concerns. At this point I’ve given the teacher’s my word to “try”. However, if it does not work out I’ll be setting up a meeting with the principle AGAIN! *Funny story* After voicing my concerns one of my son’s new teachers offered me a job as an assistant. In all honesty if I didn’t have a good job I would take it. The school systems in our area leave much to be desired. Truthfully, I may have been able to help. (o plus our city doesn’t pay well 😦 perhaps this is why the school systems isn’t top notch huh)

If we were having coffee I’d tell you yesterday was hard. Really hard. I’ll save you the burden of the specifics. What I will say is…I have faith that I’ll be fine. Some times the hardest thing to do is exactly what needs to be done. I hope things will work themselves out but if they don’t…thankfully, I’ve grown over the years and so I’ll recover as I always do! 🙂

Sharing coffee with you is one of the things I look forward to doing every weekend. Thank you for stopping by. Later this weekend I’ll stop by your venue to have coffee with you!

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #18 (staycation)

  1. I feel like I had coffee with you and enjoyed each minute. We had and are still having a wonderful summer…family vacation in Tucson, AZ…my good friend and I went to Ireland for 17 days and did the whole island…my blog is going well and I am thankful and grateful for all we have…especially each other. There were some soulfully sad days that came when we lost an anticipated new baby girl. Our sadness was overwhelming, but I see that we are all making the turn to accepting and putting one strong foot in front of the other. Life has been a blessing and continues to give us strength and soon much fun together. I’d love to sit and chat. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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    1. I am very sorry for your and your families loss. Sending light and love your way. Praying that God will send peace as well. I cannot pretend to imagine how you all feel.

      Your vacation to Ireland with your friend sounds exciting! I’m very glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t been out and about in the blogging community this week but I’ll stop by to read some of your post very soon.

      Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and the week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. So the weather has been bad in your area. Happy you only got rain from the Hermine. The stove looks nice and I sure it make your wordload easier. Nice idea for sorting out individual family needs. Did you know that most important thing in a school room is the teacher?

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    1. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as the meteorologist predicted. Only a few hours of rain and wind. Thanks for the comment on the stove. It really is a wonderful addition to my kitchen along with the family command center. Yes and this year I actually feel confident about most of my son’s teachers. This isn’t a statement I was able to make in years past.

      Thank you for stopping by to have coffee with me. Again, I do hope you feel better! Have a great week!

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  3. What a lovely coffee share! I have utmost respect for your command center, that is so cool. We too have had rain, tropical rainstorm type rain which is quite unusual for the Nordics. Great with the flat top range. Have a great week ahead!

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  4. Your family time sounds wonderful, I am a bit jealous of all those adventures (in the most wonderful way of course!). We did some camping, but that has been it, at ages 6 and 3 that can be almost like riding a roller coaster. Now, I too have all the back-to-school organizational stuff stuck all over the fridge. Great post, thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you! When I’m off I try to spend as much time as I can with them. Camping sounds adventurous. My daughter’s girl scout troop is planning a camping trip. Not sure how well I’ll do out there. LOL. I can only imagine the adventures that happen in everyday life for you with two young children! Hopefully getting a little more organized will help us get through this year successfully! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful week!


  5. It sounds like a successful stay-cation. The range is beautiful. I wish someone would offer me some appliances! The discription of your daughter on the roller coaster had me laughing out loud! I love them myself but my husband reacts much like your daughter! I hope the worries with your son’s school work out. Sometimes all it takes is one teacher who “gets it” to make all the difference. Good luck with your other challenges as well and enjoy your week. Thanks for the coffee!

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    1. The roller coaster ride was absolutely hilarious. Funny thing is she jumped off asking to go again. She’s a wild child! Your husband and my boyfriend could have kept each other company. He also does not like roller coasters. I am going to be optimistic as it pertains to my son’s schooling but if I need to jump in to correct the situation I will! #crazymama lol. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Have a great week!

      I looked for your coffee share yesterday. I love reading your posts on Saturday! I’ll come visit soon! 🙂

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  6. Congratulations on your score of the stove. It looks like a really nice one.

    Your breakfast is the best kind – pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon – yum! It sounds like you had a great staycation. I loved the pictures of the waterfall and waterfall water display. Beautiful!

    I can’t imagine braiding my hair for 10-13 hours – my arms and hands would be screaming at me. I’m sure it looks beautiful, though.

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