Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #17

Technically, each day of this week has been Friday for me! Staycation has been memorable. Although our family was not fortunate to actually travel to beautiful beach destination this year we have enjoyed our day trips this week.

Moving on…this Friday shenanigans finds us hunkering down in the wake of Hurricane Hermine which is pummeling north on the east coast. Currently, there are flash flood warnings, heavy wind and rain advisories and a hurricane statement (whatever that it is lol). There are a million weather models “advising” us of a million different scenarios. My thought is better safe than sorry! 🙂 Honestly, my body could use the rest. In case you are wondering I made the trip to the store to get milk and bread (and some other things). Now, what meals can be made with milk and bread hahahahahaha.


Earlier today, we visited a local animal park. To our disappointment, with the expected weather, most of the animals were already secured inside. The eagles and bears were still available for viewing. We were also lucky enough to spot a deer and her fawn. The park is extremely huge, it includes several different gardens. The Japanese Gardens are my favorite. To me this garden is interactive! Visitors are permitted to climb the rocks near the waterfalls, there are stepping stones that allow guests to walk through the koi pond, additional walk ways to move through the pond, as well as numerous benches to sit and observe.

My children requested sushi for dinner. I figured while the rice cooled it’d be a good time to post. I’ve been a little quiet this week due being overly tired from the events of the day. Hopefully, you will join me for coffee in the morning. This week was exciting (nothing like last week lol)! Assuming we have electricity lol (please say a prayer for us…two kids no electricity…this could be devastating for them lol)

SN: Is anyone watching “Shark Tank”? These guys are trying to get a deal for a piece of plastic. It’s called the NoPhone. Apparently, it’s just supposed to be used to make a person feel as thought they have a phone in their hand however it’s just a piece of plastic. Ummmmm ok…well…ok. 



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