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Back to School (Command Center)


command center2.png
DISCLAIMER: The red and black book bag is for prop purposes only! LOL

Organization can drastically improve how a family’s school year will progress. In the past our organization consisted of notes on the fridge, memorization (and forgetting of course lol), stacks of school papers, and notes written while driving lol. An organized mess is what I called it. Whether it actually worked or not I cannot say.

A few posts ago I mentioned an interest in creating a “command center” for my family. Alas, our Pinterest inspired command center is now open for business.

This list below will provide ideas to help you design a command center of your own. Some of the items used were already in my possession however I will give prices for the items purchased this week. I spent around $23.00 for these items.

1.Dry Erase Board
Use a dry erase board to write a new inspirational message for your children each morning. It can also be used as a menu board. I personally incorporated both on one board for the sake of space.

2. Picture Frames (5 pk for $4.68 at Walmart)
A picture frame can come in handy for just about any printed item needing to be displayed in the command center. Printed items such as chore charts, sports schedules, and more. Perhaps adding a frame per child for good grades and notes can be a great addition as well.

3. Ziploc Bags and Clothes Pins (also #8)
If payment for chores would be a feature of your command center this is a good option. This option give easy accessibility to the funds or coupons. This same combination can be used to hold box tops if this is a program your school participates in.

4. Desk Calendar ($3.88 at Walmart)
With so much to remember visual aids  can be a great personal assistant. Keeping important activities on a calendar will help lower the amount of occasions when tests, programs, and other important activities are missed or forgotten. This can be used for everyday life as well as school activities. When an important date is provided remember to write it on the calendar.

5. Wall Folders ($5.58 each at Walmart)
These seemed to be much cheaper online. Around $7.00 for 3. I can’t speak to the quality of the item. Use wall folders to hold important forms such as permission slips, papers needing to be signed, homework, etc.

6. Writing Utensil Holder
Add a pencil/pen holder to your command center. Having a pen at your disposal can help to ensure the calendar is up-to date as well as keep you from running around the house looking for something to write with!

7. Notepad
Again, a good way to keep chaos at bay. Having a notepad at your fingertips keeps the search efforts down when a note needs to be sent to school. I received this cute little notepad in the mail for free.

8. See #3

9. Brass Hooks ($1.97 for two at Walmart)
Hooks to hold book bags and coats. When it’s time to go it’s time to go (in my house lol). Running around looking for a coat and a book bag could make the difference in being late or on time. Having book bags packed, ready to go and in the same spot every morning can reduce stress.

10. Clip Boards (2 for $3.88 at Walmart)
Having checklists that can be removed from the command center is more convenient than having your child walk back and forth to confirm what needs to be done. Once my children have done their daily chores I will sign off and allow them to get there money or getting over coupon.

11. Portable Drawers
Use this to keep crayons, pencils, pens, paper, book, etc. in one place. One of my children’s favorite excuses for not doing homework is “I couldn’t find a pencil”…bye bye excuse! LOL

This year my children will both be completing two important, pivotal years of grade school. 1st grade is the year when school transforms from basics such as coloring, learning to use scissors, writing your name, etc. to learning to read, studying science and social studies, having books and so on and so forth. On the higher end of learning there’s 8th grade. The year prior to high school when a child’s study habits and independence needs to be intact. My hope is that this will help us move through them a little smoother! 🙂


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