Clean Eating (Beef, Noodles, and Veggies)

Eating clean and abandoning the “everything needs 5 different salts” method of cooking has been absolutely amazing. Each time a dish is prepared with minimal salt but still tastes delightful my faith in my ability to cook is strengthened. (I literally get giddy at 1st taste lol) Growing up in a black household, although we… Continue reading Clean Eating (Beef, Noodles, and Veggies)


Tempura Pork Chop w/ Brown Sugar Garlic Glaze

In the uncommon event that Pinterest does not come to the rescue ones only option to delivery themselves. Tonight after a short, rushed scroll through a ginormous number of pork chop recipes which did not interest me, I did just that, delivered myself! Fried pork chops was on the menu. However, I shy away from frying really thick pork chops due… Continue reading Tempura Pork Chop w/ Brown Sugar Garlic Glaze

Mommy Talk

Back to School (Command Center)

  Organization can drastically improve how a family’s school year will progress. In the past our organization consisted of notes on the fridge, memorization (and forgetting of course lol), stacks of school papers, and notes written while driving lol. An organized mess is what I called it. Whether it actually worked or not I cannot… Continue reading Back to School (Command Center)