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Mommy Talk Early…

Today, on my what should be a wonderful staycation, my efforts have been directed to my youngest child. With all the varying options of activities she can partake in around the house she has chosen not listening as option #1 today. Earlier today she was politely asked to take her foot off of the couch. Which she did, only to walk around the couch to put her foot on another section. To be frank, my surprise level was not elevated due to my daughter’s personality. However, she is headed to the 1st grade where her new teacher’s expectations will be much higher than her kindergarten teacher’s. With that being said things have to change. Honestly, for the most part I’ve been a pick your battles type of parent. Perhaps this is how she began to do things like this…I don’t know…what I do know is it must end.

After the couch-foot situation she was sent to her room. It seemed to be a foreign concept to her. LOL. (it’s not funny…forgive me for laughing). Her line of questioning concerning what she was allowed to do while in her room took me off guard. This is not the first time she has been sent to her room. I must admit the times are few and far between. My attempt is to have a conversation concerning her behavior and move on. My conclusion is that is not working. Children test boundaries. (we all know that) Please understand I’ve evoked several disciplinary trial actions over the years. When they proved to be futile my efforts dwindled. (Sigh…sad but true) My mother did not allow or accept most of the actions that are allowed in my house. Perhaps this is a reason I give them space to be themselves, respectfully. (My mother did a great job raising us and I attribute my success in life to her disciplining me and sticking to her guns).

Currently, I have resolved to staring into space, pondering what the next move must be. She is 6, so I can still bend the branch before it turns into a tree. She is laying (free spirit) on the front porch (running in and out and there are flies everywhere 🙂 ) enjoying some nature. Nature relaxes me conceivably it may do the same for her. Every time she holds the door open in the nice mommy, who may or may not be able to snap, voice she is asked to stop holding the door open. A few minutes ago I paired that voice with a sweet smile to which she responded “why are you smiling?”. I’m confusing her at this point I suppose. Nice doesn’t seem to work but neither does crazy. So today I’m left with stare into space and think of  a plan. Which I will. I always do! Moms always figure it out! (her face it pressed to the screen door right now with a big smile on it…where are the cameras? Am I on the Truman show…perhaps)

It’s been one of those days. My daughter is a sweet kid, please don’t misunderstand me! I wouldn’t change her nor her personality for the world. Her teacher advised me not to kill her spirit because the attributes she possess more often than not transform children into great adults (o my God where did you read that lol…kidding). Either way I personally want her to be herself. In the same breathe I want her to listen. And she will once I stick to my guns! 🙂 I’m patting myself on the back for not turning into crazy mom today! LOL! Scooooorrrreeee! #sheiswelcomed

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! We are headed to the beach with family! Please pray she listens! Hahahahahahaha! That’s what I’ll be doing!


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