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Friday Shenanigans #16

Friday has arrived! What’s even better than just Friday??? A Friday that begins your vacation. In my case it’s a staycation. Either way work is not in my near future! Yippie!

Tonight’s Friday Shenanigans find me at home with both of my children. My oldest should be gone but for some unknown (to me) reason his father gave him the option to stay home if he liked. He chose to stay home. We spent the majority of last night in my son’s room playing Xbox. I’m awful at it but he still enjoys playing with me. (I think he just likes to beat me lol). Our night was pretty awesome! (so awesome I woke up late this morning lol) Tonight I’m spending time in my daughter’s room. She is explaining how to play Minecraft (she’s been talking non stop since I got in here). They are only young once so I’ll try to savor the moments.

Both children wanted to have a junk food night. They provide a list of junk food they’d like and I go buy it. LOL. It’s normally an over the top amount and tonight was no different. We have Doritos, Swiss Rolls, Honey Buns, Sunflower seeds, cupcakes, candy bars, graham crackers and zebra cakes! I will probably regret it later hahahahaha!

My daughter said hello! 🙂
Later this evening when the weather cools and the sun goes down we all will head down to the ocean. My mother and boyfriend are coming as well. I need some nature time. We are going to go crabbing to start this vacation off right! The kids may get in the water but I’ll be focusing on catching crabs. Seafood is my favorite!

What are your plans for the evening?

I’m going to scoot along to spend some time with my little ma’am. She and I are also suppose to do some bracelet making later. We will see where the night takes us! I hope everyone has a wonderful night and weekend. If you are able please join me for coffee in the morning! 🙂


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