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Blogging as a Mom (Helpful Tips to Get Started)

At the birth of Mommy Usage I was home recovering from major surgery. The task was void of complication due to my free schedule. However, after going back to work it became unquestionably evident that being a single mom blogger was not as simple as it seemed. Juggling kids, work, and home was wacky enough without having to carve out time to create interesting stories or posts in hopes that someone would read them.

Slowly, balance is being obtained through a “try it” method. I started this blog on a whim. Didn’t give much though to anything other than it would be a mom blog. Since starting, my blog has underwent several face lifts and changes. Learning about tagging and categories, I’d say, has been my greatest challenge. This new found information prompted a full overhaul which I am still in the process of correcting.

If my mistakes can help another blogger I’m happy to help! Here’s a few tips on becoming a mom blogger.

1. Research

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all valuable and worthy resources for starting a blog. There’s a wealth of information here. Simply searching “how to start a blog” will provide hours of informational reading material. The many results range from which platforms are best to how to use tags. Go out into the blog world as well. Read other blogs in the same category. Use these as blueprints. Read post and comments. This will provide insight into what people in this niche are interested in.

2.  Platforms

Chose the platform that best suits your needs. In layman’s terms a platform is the system that will support your blog. Platforms are not all the same. Some are more restrictive than others. For example if you plan to add paid ads to your blog be sure to chose a platform that allows for such. Again, this should be decided once you’ve done  research.

3. Niche

Chose a niche. What do you want your blog to be about? Do you only want to blog about being a parent? Or would you like to throw in fashion or beauty tips? Do you have a hobby that you’d like to share information about? Having a niche is helpful for obtaining blog topics. If you know what you want to blog about it will be easier to start. Remember read other successful blogs for inspiration.

4. Time

Decide when the actual act of blogging will take place. Carving out time before work, after bedtime or during lunch breaks can help to ensure consistent blogging habits. Blogging often can help drive traffic to your site. Personally, my posts are typically composed after bedtime. However, there are nights when blogging isn’t a priority. In these cases lunch breaks and before work suffice. I try not to blog while I could be spending time with my children. I won’t say it has never happened but I try! 🙂

5. Schedule

Completing a schedule can be done before starting your blog or after. Having a schedule of what and when allows for thought of what posts will relate to prior to sitting down at the computer. This can save a great deal of time.  If feasible, jot down ideas that come to mind throughout the day to help jump start your writing.

6. Promote

Publish well written posts. Promote your blog on social media (personal page and/or blog page), to friends, and family (if you want them to read it). Request they share posts from your blog on their social media pages. Again, if feasible paid advertising can increase traffic subsequently increasing followers.

7. Patience

Be patience. Every blog has to start somewhere! As time passes you will learn new tricks of the trade to grow your blog. Give your blog time to flourish! 🙂

Happy Blogging Mommy!


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