Life Talk

Life Talk (Random Rambling)

Have you ever smelled burnt chicken breast? I know that’s a random question. But I have a point for asking. On Monday I left some cooking on the stove. A family member asked me to do them a favor. Before leaving the house I requested that my boyfriend turn the chicken off in 10 minutes. Needless to say that didn’t happen. The chicken wasn’t completely ruined, I was able to salvage most of it. My entire house literally smelled like a large pass gas. Like why would that be the smell burnt chicken gives off. LOL. It may have been the small amount of vinegar I put in it. Who knows? Anywho, I made the buffalo chicken dip that I had been craving. On Tuesday after arriving home I smell a stronger smell of chicken. I questioned my kid about the smell. He says it’s chicken dip. My next question was did you just warm it up. To which he replied no. I walk in the kitchen, lift the top off the crockpot, and wham the awful smell smacks me directly in the nose. I hadn’t turned the crockpot off and all the dip had burnt! It’s safe to say THAT CHICKEN did NOT want to be eaten. Hahahahahahaha! I redeemed myself on Monday night though with stuffed top round beef! It was delicious!

What has been your worst cooking experience?

I did not write “I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found” yesterday. Emotionally, I could not. I know I have made significant strides concerning my life events however at times I feel like I am right on the edge. If I ponder the events too long it could result in a mini meltdown. Not because I now want what I thought I wanted then. In my experience it’s because I can literally feel the hurt, heartache, and rejection all over again while thinking about it. With that being said on days such as yesterday I will love myself enough to spare my feelings as I try to do with other human beings. I did however run across a poem that I wrote several years ago when I was in the thick of it. Ha…right on time! I really like this poem. I am not always a fan of my work! 😉

What steps do you take to protect your feelings?

In case you hadn’t noticed or missed the announcement, Mommy Usage has a facebook page. If you get a chance to, please check it out. You could even go the extra mile and press “like”! 🙂 It would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have a social media page? (link in the comments and I’ll check it out)

Yoga and Couponing…

WHERE IS MY MOJO??? I haven’t been able to do either of this. I suppose I should say I just haven’t done either (you know to keep this post honest lol). Totally unsure of why! I want to, I need to, but I haven’t. I cut four weeks worth of coupons last Sunday. All of them are in my binder and still I haven’t gone couponing. (I’m running out of paper towels!!!) On Sunday I layed my mat in the floor as a visual reminder to practice yoga. Did I practice you ask? No, but I did lay on the mat and meditate for about 20 minutes. That’s a start right? LOL

Have you been slacking on something that is a necessity in your life? 

My boyfriend was slightly forced to be a single parent of two last night. Hahahahaha!

A family member who is 56 year of age and has Down Syndrome was have a hypoglycemic episode. She resides with three other family members. However, one member was in a really bad car accident several years ago that crushed her ankle. Therefore, her walking is assisted, the other had knee surgery not to long ago and the last is just in his own little world. Anywho, yesterday in an effort to help ease the burden I stayed with the one person who was home with her. After about an hour of attempting to check her blood sugar I realized the pharmacy had given the wrong test strips. In the mean time we were pumping her full of orange juice (which worked in the last episode) and gave her a glucose tablet. It was super scary because all the while my family member was nodding off to sleep. This is all very new to all of us. The pharmacy exchanged the strips and we were finally able to get a reading. This resulted in the ambulance being called and my family member being rushed to the hospital.

After a while I was able to head home. I wasn’t super worried but my 6 year old is a wild child. I figured she’d be hanging from the rafters, eating chocolate and singing this is the song that doesn’t end. LOL. Thankfully she wasn’t (mostly because we don’t have rafters…I kid I kid). He decided to pick up dinner once he realized I was going to be a while. She was watching Aladdin (I love that movie) and eating dinner when I arrived. He told me she tried to get him to make her a honey and jelly sandwich (tricky little lady lol). He declined. (smart guy lol) My son was playing his xbox (the normal). All was well at home. 🙂

The only thing is he had put his clothes in the washer hours before I arrived. Many hours later they were still there. I teased him about being a single parent for the night. I told him this is how the same load of clothes gets washed 3 times! Hahahahaha #momlife #singlemom

He did a great job! I got home in time to get them both to bed on time. We have started preparing for back to school around here! Yippie!

What is one thing that gets overlooked while you are parenting?


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