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I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found

Today with brutal honesty I am admitting that I have no interest in embarking on the storytelling journey into my freshest wounds. (perhaps next Wednesday) For that I sincerely apologize to any of my readers who may actually wait for this post on Wednesdays (crickets lol). However I came across a poem, which I will share, that I wrote while hanging on to the rope in which I had tied a knot. 🙂

Photo Cred: http://www.quotefancy.com


Sometimes the heart will lead us where our mind cannot follow

To a place where the heart is content to wallow

Where it feels the pain and agony

But a surrounding where it fantasizes it should be

Because “the heart” not the organ…the emotion

Seems to constantly conjure a potion

The “love” potion that will justify the cruelest intent

And prove the most unfaithful thought wasn’t really meant

The potion can erase the memories of all abuse…mental, physical, and emotional

It persuades the heart…to force the mind…to get in line

With the delusion of a splendid time

Because now that the potion has worked it’s magic

This time around is going have to be fantastic

But “the mind” is something like the voice of reason

So the mind alerts the heart to what is now becoming self treason

But the heart is pleased, and it now wears a smile

And in a final attempt the mind yells it out – it’s DENIAL!

So the potion is not really a potion at all

It’s a trick to the heart – the heart must discontinue use

OR eventually the heart will have no one to call

The funny thing is the mind can only fight for so long

But ultimately if the heart is not willing to pour this potion out

The trees and grass of this potion will begin to sprout

And then this “the heart and mind” will become its home

Where DENIAL is more than welcome to roam

-Mommy Usage


4 thoughts on “I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found

  1. Disclaimer: I can’t stand poetry. Except, I liked this. I liked the imagery, I even liked the several rhyming words. I felt the emotion of it and that’s is a danged difficult thing for me…

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