Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #16 (The Return, Crabbing and the Tooth Fairy)

8bc0335b5cb54bee064ab3a013add09fIf we were having coffee I’d invite you into my very messy home. I’d ask you to kindly to excuse the mess and explain that once you headed out I planned to use this day to clean. Hopefully it would not bother you because we are friends. This wouldn’t be the 1st time and it surely would be the last. 🙂 You’d already know our house isn’t for show it’s for living. Nonetheless I will clean it! lol This week we’d sit criss cross apple sauce (don’t you love being a mom…all these cute little sayings you have lol) on either couch and enjoy a few cups of joe! As always the creamers in the fridge and the sugar is in the cabinet. Help yourself, make yourself at home. That is of course if you’re comfortable if not I’d be more than happy to make a cup for you.

It would be with great pleasure and a very happy heart that I’d tell you my child has returned. Last night around 8:45 the door opened and in came my love ! And I exhaled mentally. I’ve kind of been holding my mental breathe all week. The child has been gone since last Friday.  You’d be proud of me! Because you knew me before I made peace with life, with all it’s ups and down-twists and turns, before I realized life happens, before life told me to sit down, shut up, and ride along. LOL Anywho, I’d tell you my child talked to me for over two hours and before exiting my room my child gave me a kiss on the cheek. Ooooooo my heart melted. You never know if you’re doing this parenting thing right but nights like last night you have to think “I must be doing something right”. 🙂

If we were having coffee I’d tell you about my pretty awesome Saturday night (last Saturday). My boyfriend and I went to a fishing pier about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from our city. With the whole child being gone situation I needed some ocean/nature time. Water, whether a river, lake, or ocean, calms me. I packed items to make sandwiches, lots of water, snacks, and crabbing equipment into the back of my car and we headed out on an adventure. If I am remembering correctly this was my boyfriend’s 1st time crabbing. He’s allergic to shellfish so I supposed there wouldn’t be much reason for him to have been crabbing before lol. Our bounty from the night was awesome. 17 crabs is what we brought home. Actually we caught about 25-30 however they had to be thrown back because of our state’s size restriction.There was a guy with a 20 foot pole attached to a net. When the tide comes in crabs just swim on the surface. Needless to say he went home with a cooler full of crabs. (I’m getting a 20 ft. pole lol) Our adventure began at 5:30 pm Saturday evening  and ended around 3:00 am Sunday morning. I honestly could have stayed into the early morning hours but I could tell my babe was ready to go. The breeze off the water was ahhhmazing and the atmosphere was even better. It was as if all my worries had drifted off in the current when the tide washed out. 🙂 Once we arrived home I cooked them and ate a few. They were delicious. Fresh seafood is always the good! I’d like to get back to the pier at least one more time before the summer ends.

Would you like more coffee? I’d be glad to get you more. Or just tell me to shut up for a moment while you hastily move about the kitchen making another cup. No worries I’ll just take a few more sips while I cuddle more deeply into the couch and wait.

If we were having coffee I would realize my manners had escaped me. How has your week been? Did you do anything exciting? Anything new? Did life get you down? Did you turn it around? Feel free to ramble to me as I have to you. 🙂

b56701e682426202e8fd35fb420ff3b6After listening intently to your happenings this week I’d tell you I finally made it to the grocery store this morning. Sadly, I did not have my list but I knew exactly what I planned to make for dinner this week. Proudly, nothing unnecessary was purchased. Sadly this took the place of the yoga class I planned to attend this morning. Perhaps tomorrow…I really hope tomorrow. I need some yoga studio time. My procrastination was at an all time high last week lol. The grocery store trip was had to happen. Going to the grocery store without children is like a vacation. So in other words this mom took a vacation instead of going to yoga. LOL. But seriously I hope I get a class in tomorrow. On my way to the car I saw a beautiful butterfly so I took a picture. Figured I’d share a little nature with you all.

When I returned home my youngest woke up and noticed her tooth she lost last night was still under her pillow. The tooth fairy hadn’t came! O NO! Let’s just be clear the tooth fairy was asleep when she and her brother pulled it out. Therefore the tooth fairy has an excuse. Hahahahaha. I told her to go back to sleep maybe the tooth fairy was running late. Then…dun dun dun…the tooth fairy realized she only had a $10 and $5 bill. I think I’ll tell her the truth about the tooth fairy today. Hahahahahaha…I kid I kid…I’m going to go get change before she wakes up. Or maybe I’ll claim the tooth fairy is having financial issues so this quarter (which I found in the couch cushion) was all she had. LOL. Decisions Decisions.

*Cute little story* I told you all a week ago that I purchased a new tablet for my daughter. We had to order it. Which meant she had to wait. Waiting is not a game my daughter plays well lol. On Wednesday (the day I told her it should be here) while she was waiting for me to get home from work (and to check the mail) she told my family member “I hope I don’t have to fight the mail lady”. O my word…who’s child is this! I believe my father had teased her throughout the day about what if the tablet didn’t not come and she was getting a little worried. Hahahahahaha

I hope you had a wonderful week and a even more joyous weekend planned! Later today I plan to have coffee with you in a venue of your choice! Thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #16 (The Return, Crabbing and the Tooth Fairy)

  1. I really enjoyed your coffee share. I am Mom to a 12 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Our tooth fairy has had a few performance issues as well but moved onto greener pastures a few years ago. Almost as bad as killing Santa.
    The last couple of weeks for me have been occupied with my daughter’s violin performance at the Sydney Opera House. They have a mass recorder concert there every year for primary school students and they have a smaller string ensemble and she was in that. I’ve written a few posts about it that I think you’d like…especially when it comes to trying to pull off the whole good parent routine yet something always goes wrong.
    It was such a good night but I’ve been sleeping or resting for the last 2 days. It was a huge effort!
    xx Rowena
    PS Where do you live and is crabbing a way of life there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dread the day I have to do away with these imaginary characters for her. Someone else killed them for my son long before I had hopped. I followed your page yesterday and will soon visit to read about your life with your daughters. How awesome that she plays violin!!! I hope the concert went well and you are now rested.

      Crabbing is a hobby for me. However others in the USA do it for a living. I normally just go to a fish market to buy them. Lol it’s a fun day trip though.

      Thank you for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve heard a bit about crabbing in Southern USA and it sounds exciting. I’m not aware of it being a big thing here in Australia. I lived in Western Australia in Geraldton North of Perth and it was commonplace for people to have their crayfish or lobster pot and they’d empty it after work. It was a way of life.
        Hope you have a great weekend. It’s raining here and a bit chilly. What happened to Spring?
        xx Rowena


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