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Life Talk (Random Rambling)

It’s Friday aaaaannnnd I forgot my lunch. Over the last month or so it’s been a mission of mine to save money. The beginning of my children’s 8th and 1st grade years of school are right around the corner. Regretfully I became a parent who bestowed upon my children the expectation that the start of a new school year meant fancy new shoes and crisp shirts and jeans. My mother didn’t run that type of program in her house. (I suppose I wanted to give my children what I didn’t have…realllll smart lol). Nonetheless my funds need to be preserved to purchase new things for my children. Last year boundaries were set pertaining to the price of the items. My daughter doesn’t provide my kickback. However, my teenage son  wants Ferragamo and Gucci! (have several stadium seats sir lol) Need I remind you all, we live in small town that may or may not be listed on a map hahahaha. He has never and will never sport those duds as long as my hard earned money is paying for it. Anywho, I’ve done exceptionally well remembering my lunch. But not today!

What will I savor for lunch today? Any ideas?

The child that has been gone for a week should be meshing back into our home life today or tomorrow. (the father purposely gave me the least amount of information possible…pish posh) My boyfriend offered compliments last night to speak to how well I’ve dealt with this temporary separation from my child (meaning I didn’t give him much problem this week…lol).  In all honesty, I’ve had to be mindful of my thinking. On several instances this week I’ve had to consciously redirect my thinking. You know live in the present moment. Thankfully it’s gotten me through to the other side. 🙂 #yogaprinciples

Are you looking forward to anything super exciting today?

Let’s discuss my almost non existent yoga practice this week. In one of the toughest mental weeks of my life my yoga practice was forsaken. Nearly, everyday my mind prompted me to practice yoga. In all fairness my week has been busy. However in my experience one should never be so busy that mental and emotional health is overlooked. Hopefully on Saturday morning I can catch a class at a local studio I love. The atmosphere inside of the studio gives such peace and serenity. Additionally, I’ve never met a yogi I didn’t like. Positively radiates from the heart of most I’ve met. My heart is urging me to be in their presence. Listening to my heart for the first time in a long time. Wish me luck! #namaste

If needed, what plans do you have to take care of your mental and emotional health?

Fast forward…

That’s what I decided to do in my “I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found” post this week. My anxiety was so high while recalling the events of my life. Writing this story (my story) is very therapeutic, but also full of emotion. What I’ve noticed is most of the events that haunted me I am now unable to recall. Which to me is growth! Sometimes we don’t notice we’ve sailed through the storm because everyday life can be just as wavy. However, if ever you decide sit with your emotions you may realize they just doesn’t sting like they used to. Yippie! *clicks heels*. The years I’ve recounted so far were many years ago. Grievously, I have to admit there is more to the story. Recent years, when my heart broke all over again. *sigh* With time I believe even those will scab over, fall off, and only leave a small unnoticeable scar. 🙂

Have you read any part of I Lost A Person I Hadn’t Found? Could you tell from my writing that this weeks post made me a little uncomfortable? Any feedback is welcome! (Besides me saying it in the intro of course lol)


4 thoughts on “Life Talk (Random Rambling)

  1. Have you read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert? I just read it this summer myself, I really enjoyed it. I found it beautiful and inspiring. Anyway, I thought of it this morning as I was reading your post and your discussion about yoga, yogi, mental & emotion health, and peace & serenity. I try to go to the yoga studio once a week for just those reasons, and I found while reading the book I felt a heighten awareness of that desire to connect with my own inner tranquility. It is a read I would recommend if you are interested. Great post. (I am curious to read your other post now, “I lost a person I hadn’t found”.)

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    1. I have not read the book but the movie is one of my favorites. For a while I was watching it at least twice every weekend. Perhaps I’ll also read the book soon! How great that you are able to get there once a week. That is my goal either on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Thanks for the comment! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😊


  2. My plans for my mental and emotional self… SLEEP! Little Dude had decided for the past 2+ weeks he didn’t want to go to sleep and he didn’t want to stay asleep. It was like having a newborn again, getting up every two hours. Last night he decided to go to sleep around 10 and slept through the night. I. was. OUT. I even slept through a thunderstorm, which I can never do. It’s the first time in 2 weeks I haven’t woken up feeling awful and just wanting to go back to bed.

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    1. Sounds like a good plan to me! Hopefully Little Dude will get back on track soon. I remember the newborn days in which sleep was a rarity. Thank you for the comment! Have a wonderful weekend! 😊


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