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Friday Shenanigans #15 

Friday has to be the best the day of the week! It’s the start of the weekend! Woohoo! Let’s parrrrrtttttyyyyy! Hahahahaha!

Our Friday Shenanigans tonight has taken us away from our humble abode to partake in several Girl Scout activities to celebrate the start of a new school and troop year. It’s also when our girls prepare thank you cards for businesses and people who have donated money or supplies to the troop throughout the years. Thankfully, our troop has been blessed with a plethora of gracious donors. 

In this meeting the girls are working to achieve a sensory badge (there’s a patch for everything lol 😳). The “party” theme is watermelon! There’s watermelon decorations all over the room! (It’s super cute!) Most looked forward to…eating watermelon! (I’m not a fan but my daughter loves it

Tonight the little “troopets” will also be awarded with badges earned since our last ceremony type meeting. A very generous person donated school supplies and bookbags! So those will be given out as well! 

This is one active troop! We were very fortunate to be able to become a part of it!

It’s comfortably warm in our area so following this event I’m going to head home, pour a glass of wine, and “wine” down on the back porch! 😊

What are you doing tonight?


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