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Mommy Talk #4 (Back to School Life Hacks)

The 2016-2017 school year is right around the corner. The lion’s share of parents are presumably starting to prepare their school age children to head back to the classroom. Book bags, clothes, school supplies, shoes, etc. have no doubt been purchased or will be purchased in the near future. (the master procrastinator…that’s me! LOL…is lagging on the shopping thing.) Have you thought about organizing the school year. You know command centers and life hack type ideas. Well glad you were pondering the notion (you like what I did there? hahahaha). Here’s a list of life hacks found on Pinterest that I believe I may try.

Are you trying anything new this school year? Share your ideas with me and the other mommies in the comments?

1. Small Command Center
The thought of behind having a command center is to keep all things organized. This is where homework/papers needing to be signed will be left while awaiting the ok from the parental units. It’s also where these items will be left for pick up by the child. Clips or trays can be used to hold papers. Other things such as extracurricular activity schedules are listed here. Personally, the chalk board paint wall appeals to me. However, this is not feasible option for all. Dry erase boards, paper desk calendars or clip boards will also suffice. Here’s an idea from BHG Style Spotter which sparked my interest.

2. Bags and Jacket Place Holder
Ok ok ok of course there’s a closet that can be used.(But where’s the fun in that lol.) Use hooks to hold the objects. Placing the child’s name or even a picture over the hook meant for their items could be helpful if your household consists of more than one child. MyKidsTime has a really neat idea (#8)  for this area in your home.

3. Chore Organization
Every child’s worse nightmare. Hahahahaha. (Currently our chore charts are taped to each bedroom door…faaaancyy). In an ideal world this would be in one central location. There’s a cute “chore for hire” idea on Home Made By Carmona. Also, having the funds readily available (in eyes view) for the child may give them self motivation to complete chores without a “mom reminder”. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself lol)

4. Box Top Holders
These little boogers are all over! Sure collecting them helps the school but in the meantime they can be found on the table, on the top of the fridge, in tub, in the sink, in your purse, on the roof, in the car…EVERYWHERE! (alright I admit there may be quite a bit of exaggeration 🙂 ) If there was one place to house box tops would you use it? You absolutely would! Check out this functional DIY magnetic box top holder on Adventures in Wunderland.

5. Clothes Preparation
Younger kids feel more independent when they are able to do certain things themselves. Here’s a thought. Allow your child to assist you with choosing clothes for the week on Saturday or Sunday. Use an organization object (portable draws, bookshelves, etc.) that is easy for them to reach. This way at wake up every morning their clothes are ready and easily accessible to them. Include underclothes, socks and shoes. This will aid you as the parent while also making them feel independent. The Boy Store Blog has a really cute life hack that could help.

6. Pre-Printed Teacher’s Notes
There’s nothing more annoying than having your child (or you) running around 5 minutes before “go time” looking for a piece of paper and a pen to write a teacher’s note saying “my child needs to be picked up today”. Located on Hello Cuteness there are free printable which list several reasons a note may need to be sent to your child’s teacher. Just check your box, write a short note, sign, and be on your way! (Or you could do it the night before but that’s not how I roll lol…kidding…sometimes I do…most times I don’t lol) Print several notes at a time. Perhaps hang a clipboard in your command center area to hold these printables.

Personally, I’m hoping this year will be one of my most organized ever! A girl can dream right?! I’ll give you all updates periodically.



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