Fried Potatoes & Onion w/ Sausage

Comfort food. It’s what I needed tonight! My son is gone until the end of the week. Boy is my heart missing him. The grocery store trip I mentioned this past weekend never happened nor did the completion of the bi-weekly meal plan. (I’ll finish it tonight and go tomorrow…don’t rush me lol). Anywho, after scanning the fridge a meal my mom made routinely in my youth came to mind. These potatoes are the definition of comfort food; full of carbohydrates that remind me of childhood and home cooking. Plus, this meal is quick and easy (two of my favorites descriptive words to use when detailing a recipe). Normally, fried potatoes aren’t my specialty (mostly because I add waaaaay to much water) but tonight perhaps God knew I needed comfort food! 🙂

What You Will Need:
6-7 Small Potatoes
Polish Sausage
Salt & Pepper
Cooking Oil

1. Peel, rinse, and cut potatoes into width size pieces.
2. Also cut sausage into width size pieces.
3. Cut onion straight across top then cut in half.
4. Cover bottom of pan with cooking oil. Add onions to pan. Heat oil on medium.
5. Allow onions to cook for about 3-5 minutes. Add potatoes. Sprinkle salt, pepper and parsley.
6. Allow potatoes to cook until slightly browned. Carefully flip potatoes to ensure burning does not occur.
7. Add a tbsp or less of water to potatoes. Cover pan with a top. Periodically check for evaporation. If the water evaporates add more. (Don’t add too much or it will change the texture of the potatoes).
8. Cook potatoes until soft (not mushy) and firm . Remove potatoes from pan.
9. Clean pan. Add sausage and a little more onions to pan. Allow to cook your desired brownness.
10. Combine potatoes with sausage & onions.
11. Allow to cook while flipping for about 2-4 minutes.
12 Enjoy!

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