Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #14

Friday not matter when you visit I’m always happy to see you! No matter how many times you come it’s a delight! Yay! Friday is here! Raise a glass! I’ll toast to you my friend!

Earlier this week I made the executive decision to venture outside of the confines of our home. I am what you would call an event junkie lol. If there’s a family event going on chances are you’ll see me there. However, we haven’t been to one this summer (what? why? lol). There haven’t been many in our area-girl scouts had something going on-work/life got in the way. (O and my oldest kid is a home body…where did he come from lol) Unfortunately, this weekend is no different. With that being said a weekend of family fun was up to me. My son is gone for a week so it’s just me and my little firecracker.

Our Friday shenanigans lead us to shopping, dinner and a movie! If you remember my post from earlier this week you’ll recall I needed shoes, badly lol. But most importantly (if you ask my daughter lol) she needed a new tablet.

According to my family member she had been anxiously awaiting my arrival all day. (She loves me…hahahaha). Her 1st question was “did you get paid today”. (And I was expecting… mom how was your day? lol). Anywho, we headed to Best Buy, they were sold out of the tablet we wanted BUT the rep was able to order it AND we scored a deal with the child proof case. (It’s worth the wait because she can destroy anything lol). From there we headed to JCPenny. Our haul of 2 pairs of shoes and 5 shirts only cost…*drumroll* $10.58. *happy dance*. Getting 25% off clearance items and using story coupons made this a very lucrative trip! After doing some “fun” shopping we checked out a new grocery store in the area called Alid’s (yes I know we are party animals hahahaha). So many people have sung the stores praises so tonight was as good as any to check it out! Normally grapes are way to expensive and I refuse to buy them. Luckily, they were on sale 2lbs for $1.98. We’ll be having grapes with breakfast. Our last stop was McDonald’s (why do kids like this place…it’s the toy…it’s gotta be the toy). My daughter wanted to eat inside. After our fancy, extravagant dinner we headed home.

Our local news station said meteor’s would be visible tonight. After sitting on the porch, eating my son’s sunflower seeds (I’ll replace them before he gets back lol…shhhh) and talking for about 30 minutes (didn’t spot not one meteor lol) we came inside. Even though we didn’t see a meteor the conversation was good. At some point my daughter laid her head on my shoulder and told me I was the best mom ever. *heart melts* You don’t have to be anything special, just make sure you spend time with your kids. They will appreciate you for it! 🙂

Currently, we are hanging out in big t-shirts letting Ice Age is keeping us entertained.

What did you do tonight? Anything exciting? Just hung out?

In the morning I hope you will meet us for coffee (and hot chocolate)! Our “fancy” morning breakfast plans are in the works! We would love for you to join us! 🙂



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