Mommy Talk

Mommy Talk #3

“Who said shoes need soles?”

Yesterday my daughter mentioned to a family member that she would be getting a new tablet on Friday. She destroyed the one she had (well she has destroyed all 4 or 5 that she has had…but who’s counting lol). As their conversation continued I happened to look down at my feet. Have you ever looked at yourself and thought…I need to do something with myself? I do it all the time hahahaha. Back to the point. After noticing my shoes I said, thoughtlessly really but out loud, “I need to get some new shoes”. This must have struck a nerve with my family member because she abruptly turned her attention to me, looked me square in the eyes and said “you’re buying her a new tablet when you need shoes?” (not sure what emoji should be used for her expression so I’ll just describe it). Her expression was best way to explain it…yikes!  (This family member cares a great deal for me, wants me to be happy and would do anything for me.) The family member is older and does not have children. She loves my children to life. However, it’s inconceivable to her, how I could walk around “thinking” I needing new shoes and instead buying my daughter a tablet. (OK in an effort to not make this sound as serious as it seems I started using words to discount my need for work shoes). I do need a new pair of work shoes. There I said I admitted it…ugh! I hate to admit I need something that I don’t plan to buy. (You can now understand my family members frustration right? lol)

My lack of interest in fashion (and apparently suitable work shoes) is not because I don’t care about my appearance or fashion. In my mind as soon as I buy that perfect pair of shoes the roof will start leaking, my electric bill will be much higher than normal, a tire will blow and so on and so forth. After which I will want to return the shoes. But of course I will have already worn them and therefore the store will decline my return. Anybody else have this craziness going on in there overworking mind? (I cannot be alone I refuse to believe that lol)

Yep, I know what you are thinking but honey (patronizingly lol) you plan to spend money on a tablet. I know it makes no sense. The thing is when I buy things for my children nothing out of the ordinary happens.  A few months ago I purchased some Alex and Ani bracelets for myself. I talked myself into it after about two months of eyeing my coworker’s bracelets and listening to my coworkers tell me I deserve to do something for myself! (They tricked me lol). That very weekend the back passenger side window of my car broke to the tune of $190+. (Ha there’s proof that I’m right lol annnnd I should have collected $20 from each coworker 😁).

But on a serious note I do plan to buy shoes this weekend. I really do need them. I’ll have to let the chips fall as they may. I’ll be crossing fingers and wearing a four leaf clover on my forehead for at least a week after buying them! Lol (I crack myself up and I’m lying).

One bucket list item…buy shoes the moment I actually need them! **smacks knee and laughs uncontrollably* #momlife #singlemomlife

My boyfriend just looked at my shoes, said and I quote “Babe this is unacceptable” Hahahahahahaha

Do you struggle with making purchases for yourself?  


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