Remodeling My Web Space

Hello Everyone!

200_sJust wanted to make a quick post to nicely and respectfully ask if you would check out Mommy Usage. Reconstruction is underway.

When I started a few months ago I was soooo excited! Not much thought was put into the ease of use or a sleek, professional look! I’ve added some drop down menus (I almost stabbed myself in the eye from frustration lol), decided on a new background (I really want polka dots but this will work for now) and chose a static page (not sure how I feel about that choice). Next my plan is to educate myself on the use of tags and categories. After which I will correct all tags and categories (I’ve already written 101 posts…probably should have gotten smart a little earlier lol) Basically I’m going to spend time researching blogging. Eventually I would like to make a little money off my passion! This may not be the final look however I’d still like some feedback on what I’ve done so far! 🙂

Please tell me what you think! I am not done but I have started!

Thank you for taking time out to help me! 🙂



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