Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share #14

If we were having coffee my apologies for missing our coffee date last week would be offered. I’d tell you I did have coffee on Monday after my being out of town with my daughter’s girl scout troop. You’d ask me to recap so I would. 😉 As I recapped I’d start a pot of coffee. I’d offer you cooler options since the temperatures have gone up several degrees today. All week it’s been in the 80’s here but today we are in the 90’s.

How was the past two weeks for you? Did you do anything new or exciting? Any new developments? Tell me pleeeassseee!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I wrote quite a few posts this week. Can’t say I really followed my schedule though. I noticed an attribute in my daughter that she inherited from me. So I wrote about it. After receiving a comment from a reader I realized my regrets are actually helping me to be a better person. So yeah I wrote about that too. A few coffee shares ago I believe I mentioned I would start telling my story. I normally write these short inserts on Wednesdays. I’m happy to say that is one post has gone up each week since I made the decision to start.

Work this week has been crazy! I’ve worked into the early morning hours twice this week. It’s end of the fiscal year closing time. My boss and I have both been rather zombie like. Unfortunately the processes that have to be completed aren’t finsihed. So next week maybe more of the same. Before yesterday I hadn’t seen my children awake for more than 30 minutes since Tuesday! #workingmomproblems However, like I always say this is job security to me. Last night my only intentions were to come home and spending time with my two minions.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I have finally gotten back into my yoga practice. For some reason I have been longing for yoga. My personal opinion is when I start to feel like I really need it I’m out of balance. Perhaps if I hadn’t stopped my balance wouldn’t have been lost. *Shoulder shrug* who knows lol. Either way I’m happy to be back in practice. My preferred type of yoga is vinyasa. In this form of yoga your movements flow with your breathes. Even the poses flow. No sudden changes really. I begin my practice with meditation to clear my mind. I used to struggle with meditation. Being a mother, doing nothing and thinking nothing, can be a challenge. LOL. Mothers are always thinking about their next move. Turning on yoga music and laying on a mat allows me to turn off my mind for at least an hour.

This morning I got up early to get some couponing done. Didn’t really have a plan due to the fact that I am behind on cutting my coupons AGAIN! LOL. I’m happy to report I was still able to find good items at a good price. Scored everything in the picture below for $4.75. The post detailing how I did this will be posted a little later today!


Coffee with you is always great! Currently my daughter is begging to paint her toenails, play dolls, and paint (we didn’t get around to any of that last night). She just told me she is getting everything set up but I won’t get up. So you’ll understand if I have to scoot you out the door, I hope. Later today I promise to come have coffee with you in a venue of your choice. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #14

  1. I am also a mother of “two minions” and I agree with you complete about the mommy mind constantly thinking about the next move. I recently started trying to find time to fit yoga in, once a week, just to find that quiet time for the mind. Thank you for sharing a lovely post.

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  2. I admire people that can do that kind of couponing. It is so time consuming. My daughter used to but now she does it on a much more limited basis because of how all encompassing it is.

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    1. It is very time consuming. I have developed with a system. For the most part I only go “deal hunting” on Saturday mornings. If the store is out of what I need I get rainchecks. I use the week days to get all my coupons clipped and organized in my binder. At times I take breaks however I still purchase coupons and I watch my stockpile closely to know when I need to get back on the horse. LOL.

      Thanks for the comment! Have a wonderful day! 🙂


  3. I’ve never tried yoga – I do pilates. And like you, I find myself craving it after a long summer break! Thank you for coffee and enjoy your time painting toenails 🙂 It goes so fast – my daughter is 20 already and it was just yesterday we played Barbie.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I haven’t done much research on pilates but I’ve heard it’s also a good exercise routine. Yes the time does go by fast. It doesn’t seem as if my son should be a teenage nor should my daughter be 6. Apparently they are. 🙂 We enjoyed our weekend together. I had to make up for all the time I missed at home during the week.

      Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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