Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #13

IMG_8972[1].JPGIt’s Friday, I refused to stay at work extremely late tonight! Yep cause the weekend is here! Plus I hadn’t seen my children awake for more than 30 minutes since since Tuesday! So yes cheeeeeers to the weekend and family time. I’ll have to log in tomorrow but at least I’ll be at home. I’ve been at work until 12:30 AM or 1:30 AM for the last two nights. My interest in doing that again in the near future is low.

With the work week I’ve had yoga was definitely in my cards for tonight. Again, I included my daughter, she lasted for about 15 minutes. Much longer than the last time. Eventually, she was standing in front of the tv taking pictures and ultimately she and the phone were put out of my room. Ha! Close to the end of my practice she quietly sashayed back into my room, gave me a kiss on my cheek, and apologized for leaving yoga practice. Hahahahaha…kids are funny! I accepted her apology.  When I am tired sometimes I’ll use Amazon on my Firestick for a “guided” class. I’ll be honest I spent a lot of time in child’s pose tonight. That’s a very relaxing resting pose.

Following yoga I prepared nachos for dinner. Quick, easy and tasty!


My sister came by for a little while. I wasn’t expecting her but I was fine with it. We aren’t a “call before you come” type family. She is redoing her bedroom and wanted my opinion on colors and furniture. My brain is fried from the week so I wasn’t much help. I’ll call her tomorrow. LOL.

My son is *drum roll* playing his xbox (I’m sure you all already knew that lol).  I left him lists of things to do this week and guess what…he did them! I expressed my sincere appreciation to him for helping out this week. (Our schedule has gotten severely off track this summer…I hate to admit it but it’s true).

My daughter and I are on movie number two. Ice Age. For some reason she’s on an Ice Age marathon tonight which is fine with me because I’m about to have a sleep marathon. LOL. Not sure if she is aware of my plans or not. She probably has a clue.



As always I sincerely hope you had a wonderful and an even better weekend planned! 🙂

What are you doing on this fantastic Friday night?


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