Friday Shenanigans

Friday Shenanigans #12

Friday finally made it to us!! Yay! Cheers to the weekend…right? Unfortunately I haven’t been able to have “a glass”. I’m headed north, about a 2 1/2 hour drive, to spend the weekend with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. After cookie sales are over they are allowed to use their profit to go on a trip! Awesome sauce! 

The troop left earlier this morning but I had to work. So it’s just me, the road, a full tank of gas and the best playlist EVER! In an hour or so I should arrive at my destination (per the overly talkative GPS lol).

Right now I’m hanging out at a rest area. I had to potty badly! (TMI…maybe lol). Also, there’s no smoking allowed in my car but I smoke…hahahahaha (who came up with this rule? We need to talk 😏).

Well, I’m going to hop back on the highway so I can get to my girl. 😊 I sure hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend on tap! 


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