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Mommy Talk #1

The days are long, the weeks are even longer, the days don’t have enough hours and your body doesn’t have enough energy. The life of so  many parents today. Definitely my life. But ever so often I take me time by force (hahahaha).

On Tuesday night the words above rang true for me. On the ride home I made a decision to pick up one of my guilty (yet expensive) pleasures, close the door to my room, eat and watch Hilary Clinton be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate. Whether #imwithher or not history, for women, was made that night. This is exactly what happened.

Looking back on my time as a mother I remember never wanting to ask for help. Never wanting to say I was tired. Never wanting to admit I was exhausted and needed a break. Perhaps now I am willing to admit these things because my kids are older. Perhaps it’s because most times they are able to fin for themselves. Who knows I’m just throwing ideas out there. LOL.

When my daughter was a newborn she cried ALOT and slept a little. In my mind it was a decision I made and I would have to deal with it. Alone just me, myself and I. I dozed on the drive to work, I slept at work, I slept while she was awake. Not restful sleep. The sleep that attacks you because your body is exhausted. One day my mother came to my house. From what I am told I was answering questions with ridiculous answers while falling asleep. My mother told me to come to her house to take a nap. She offered to watch my daughter. I slept for 6-8 hours that day. When I woke up I remember feeling bad for sleeping that long. I breastfeed my daughter so that meant 6-8 hours of no breast time. My mother brushed it off and basically told me to stop being silly. Which in hind sight I really was being silly.

You see as parent most time we don’t want to hand off our responsibilities to someone else, even if the person is family. We don’t want to be looked at as needy or incapable of taking care of our kids. Please trust me when I say those days will come and you will need help from outside sources.

So that got a little of course! If you are a regular follower you know that happens quite frequently around this blog! Hahahahahaha. The point of the post is to talk about what I like to do when I have me time.

Here are a few things I like to do when I am afforded me time…

1. Sit quietly and watch a movie/television show. Party animal! Hey I’m a mom so anything quiet works for me.

2. Take a warm/hot bath. Baths are a luxury for me lol. Who has time to wait for the tub to fill up, get undressed, and lay in a bathtub on a normal day? Not me! Plus as soon as I get comfortable, turn my music on and open a book a child will bust through the door to tell me all about their day.However, if I were cooking dinner, folding clothes, bathing the dog etc. I would be on deserted island alone. Anywho, I will light some candles, turn on soft yoga music and read a book! I love to read…just don’t have the time.

3. Go to the river. Something about water and the atmosphere around it makes me feel so light. Being around water is such a serene feeling. I literally could sit at the river for hours and not notice how much time is passing.

4. Visit a museum. I absolutely love the art museums. To me there is so much imagination to be used there. Although most times there’s a card on the wall to tell you the what, when, where, and how you still have the option to decide on your own. There’s no test or quiz. No wrong answers. Plus it’s quiet!

5. PaintNite. When I know in advance that I may have a free moment I will search Groupon and Living Social for paint nite discounts. I enjoy a glass of wine while painting and laughing. Most of the people you meet here are nice and friendly. Plus at the end I get to take home a very nice handmade painting.

6. Go out to dinner or a movie…or both. I must say this is one of my absolute favorite things to do. After work if I have some me time I will go check out a new restaurant in the area. Yes I go alone. I like the thought of not having to talk to anyone if I don’t want to. Not having to be on someone else’s schedule…you know what I mean! (I promise I am not selfish most of the time lol)

7. Pamper Yourself. Whether you can afford to go have someone pamper you or you do it DIY…pamper yourself. I personally do it myself. Spending money on hair and nails is not a priority for me. However, having my hair and nails look presentable is. I give myself a manicure and a pedicure. Some days I will also wash and deep condition my hair. For the most part my hair stays in braids. It’s a quick style for my 5:30 AM wake up! 🙂

8. Visit Friends. I know this doesn’t say “alone time”. However it can be a great way to relax. Having solo time to visit with friends without my children asking when we will be leaving it golden. LOL

If me time is coming your way consider some of the ideas above! 🙂

What are some of your favorite “me time” activities?


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