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Friday Shenanigans #11

Well well well Friday you finally made your appearance. How nice of you to join us! *happy dance* (check lol)  I literally have been waiting since Sunday for you!

wu43iI’m sure you can tell by the feature image that we are at home. Tonight’s plan is to play a game of monopoly (the longest game known to man lol) and make homemade pizzas. I personally want more nachos but the majority rules (this time). Depending on how long the game lasts I will buy every property and go bankrupt before 10 pm. (20/20 comes on at 10 pm l0l…hey I can see your judgmental smirk) Hahahahaha! I’m a party animal! I’m going to have to fake it until I make it tonight because I am tired! O and while we are talking about monopoly I can assure you my daughter will leave the game at least twice under the assumption that her brother and I aren’t being fair or when she’s told she can’t be the banker. LOL. She is still learning! My son will spend all of his money on hotels however no one will ever land on the property with the hotel. Hehehehehehehe!

BtbCo96IgAA2FxDCurrently, I have Adele’s “Send My Love” on repeat, laying across the bed (with a glass of wine lol) trying to recharge. This song is absolutely awesome. Pretty much anything Adele sings is awesome in my humble opinion. (in case you wanted it lol). Just like most of the country it’s been super hot. Heat is draining. Plus I didn’t adult well last night so that plays a part in my tiredness.

I’ve nicely asked for “a moment”…a moment of quiet, a moment of alone time, shoot just a moment. It seems to be going well right now. My daughter has a hard time with that but her brother is home so she has another presence to be around. She likes being around people. My little social butterfly and free spirit. This little girl has never met a stranger! (gotta watch her like a hawk in public lol). The fly that came in while I was telling one of my children to close the front door happened to take up his abode in my window soooooo he clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of give me a moment. Just buzzing and making all kinds of noises lol.


Well I think my “moment” has passed and it’s time for some Friday Shenanigans! I’ll meet you tomorrow morning for some coffee! 😉


What are you doing tonight?

I hope you  had a wonderful week and an even better weekend coming!




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