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Bad Adulting

Hahahahahaha! So I’ve been standing and working for hours today. I’d like to say #momlife but that would not be accurate. 

Have I ever told you all how addicted I am to Game of Thrones? Well if I haven’t I’m telling you now lol. 

Last night we, my boyfriend and I, watched the season finale of season 5. If you’re a Game of Thrones watcher you know why I had to stay up to watch the the next episode. Even though I’m watching on an on demand type app. (whatever helps me sleep at night right lol) Unfortunately I still don’t know if what I witnessed was real because the next episode didn’t reveal it! (tricky little evil writers) Eventually, my body forced me to go to sleep. However, the amount of sleep I was able to catch was not enough! 

Sooooo I’ve been standing for hours lol

What do you do to stay awake at work on the day after you did some bad adulting? 

I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! 😊

SN: This cubicle was supposed to be temporary. However my coworkers and I have been stuffed in this room for almost two years now. The planners say they should start remodeling our real office in October. (Cross your fingers and toes for us lol) We are so ready to go back to our forever homes. Lol


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